Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Back. I Took Some Time. Nothing Changed.


I took a small vacation from blogging--mostly because the weather made me. I was without the internet for four days.

It was a nice break, but the increasing pressure on the Israeli government from the international community, the stupidity of our elected government officials in Israel, and the continuous and unrelenting barrage of terrorist rockets into our heartland are still going on. It's as if I never took a day off. The news is the same.

Am I in a time warp? Is this "Groundhog Day"? Am I on a continuous loop until I/we get it right? What is "it"?

I guess I will just keep writing and hope it all works out.

Meanwhile, I lost the correct Atom feed. Some of you who were getting my feeds lost them. I installed feedburner, so to Atom/RSS feed is a new address--you may need to resubscribe.

I also got knocked off of Jblog and some other Jewish sites and spent four or five days writing to them all to try to get back on.

I hope they don't hate me! Right after I wrote, I lost my internet and couldn't update the blog!

Sorry to everyone who was inconvenienced. Or, to the no one who was inconvenienced. I'm wondering if anyone out there even missed me. I didn't get one comment about my missing in action.


I guess I shouldn't take it personally?



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