Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Non-Military Actions Against Iran


OK, what does the international community not get about Iran's threats against Israel?

This is NOT about oil, money, or anything else.  This is about Iran's supreme ruler, Khomeini, who believes he can bring the 12th Imam if he makes a nuclear holocaust in the world.

These are religious fanatics, not politicians or economists!

My "prophecy" about this move from SWIFT, is that it will have no bearing, whatsoever, on the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

They are willing to suffer for their religious beliefs.  If anything, the suffering will make the whole thing sweeter in their eyes.

This is one time when the secularist view of history and politics just won't serve to change things.  You have to be in tune with what it is to be religious, no matter which religion, to understand others who are religious.

Their motives are not always "logical."  They come from a deep-seated belief, and they are unlikely to be changed by economic conditions.


Steinitz: SWIFT sanctions could topple Iranian economy 

 Finance minister says sanctions barring Iran from making int'l electronic fund transfers make receiving money for billion dollar oil transactions impossible; Shalom: Sanctions may convince Iran to abandon nukes. 

 Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said Sunday that SWIFT's decision to halt Iran's ability to use its electronic fund transfer system to make international transfers constitutes a tremendous blow that could potentially lead to the collapse of the Iranian economy. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purim Poem 2012

A crazy Persian madman,
An ineffective king,
A leader of Jews who understands
We must survive this thing.

Sounds like Esther’s story
Has leaked into our time.
No longer just a scroll we read,
Its meaning quite sublime.

But who plays the part of Esther,
The lady of the hour?
Who can sway the people now?
Who has that kind of power?

We look about our stage,
And cannot find an actor.
We need to find our princess fast,
Before they build a nuclear reactor.

Suddenly our answer comes,
It couldn’t be much clearer.
We will find our Esther inside
Each and every mirror!

Happy Purim!

Monday, March 5, 2012

May the Miracles of the Past be the Miracles of our Present!

On Purim we read about how the Jews were under threat of annihilation. They understood that this was serious, so they came together, fasted and prayed with all their hearts, and in a matter of only A FEW DAYS, they were SAVED! 


We all understand that as Jews we are constantly under threat of attack from our enemies...

The story of Purim is just as applicable today as it was then.  G-d's hand was hidden but it was there, waiting for us to call for it.

This Wednesday, we will all be fasting on Taanit Esther. 

We are ALL coming together just like in the days of Purim and WE DO have the power to uproot the decrees against us.

We must really believe that.

As a nation, we need to fast and pray with a real feeling of urgency, and we need to do so TOGETHER. 

This year, do not just fast and pray by yourself. Feel that you are part of an entire nation as you do so. Believe that we have the same power they did then.

Please share this message.   ITS IMPORTANT! 

With the speed of modern technology, maybe we can reach the whole Jewish nation before the fast, and WE CAN MERIT TO SEE MIRACLES.

It IS possible, and it's up to YOU.

Thank You.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rabbi Angel on Purim

A Purim Miracle: Thoughts for Purim
By Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Esther the Jewess marries King Ahashverosh. Her Uncle Mordecai tells her not to reveal that she is Jewish. The Jews throughout the 127 provinces of the Empire know Esther is Jewish. But not one of them gives away the secret. Ahashverosh, Haman and the entire royal court are kept in the dark about the Queen’s true identity.

This, commented Rabbi Haim David Halevy (late Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv), was an amazing phenomenon, a veritable miracle. Not one Jew in the entire empire betrayed the secret. The Jewish people were united, discreet, and disciplined to an extraordinary degree.

Let us imagine how this story would play out if it occurred today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Joy Increases! Beinisch "Retires" from Supreme Court


I'm not sure there is a happier way to welcome Adar than to see Beinisch step down from the bench! I just hope this isn't a Purim Prank . . . 

Beinisch has been the hatchet against every religious expression, Jewish right, and Jewish Settlement in Israel.

There is no place she didn't try to destroy Israel from the inside out.  She was like a festering cancer at the heart of our homeland.

I have written about Beinisch and her disgusting excuse for "justice" over the years, and I am ELATED that she has left the bench.  (On the way out, may the door soundly hit her where the Good Lord split her!)

Unfortunately, I don't think we are done with this witch.  I have a feeling that her imperious belief that she knows far more than we mere mortals will lead her to run for office.  G-d Forbid!

If she does run for office, I pray that the voters will remember her past in high detail.  Here is a partial list, in case anyone would like to know.  
(I am not privy to the full list of her transgressions . . . only Hashm has that!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please Don't Give Me a Valentine!


When I was a child, I spent a lot of summers at my grandmother's house in Santa Rosa, California.  She lived on a leafy street across from a large ranch home with a working orchard.  Down the street was a park lined with California Laurel and Eucalyptus trees that perfumed the air, especially when it was hot.

As I write this post, I can still smell those trees and recall the palpable heat of July in Santa Rosa.  My grandmother loved to walk, and we would spend at least a hour every Saturday walking in that park.

Then I would go home, develop a horrible headache and a churning stomach, and lay motionless for the rest of the evening, unaware of what was wrong with me.

After I grew up and moved to Humboldt County for college, I discovered that I was extremely sensitive to California Laurels.  They give me a horrible headache.

True, I have beautiful and sentimental memories of walking with my grandmother in that park, of sharing those times with her, but I would never want to return to

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Community Stands Up Against Missionaries


God bless the community of Kfar HaRo'eh, the "local mail distributor" who alerted the community rabbis of this illegal attempt by Christian missionaries to distribute their pamphlets to Jewish communities, and Rabbi Eliezer Weiss and Eitan Kupferberg who found a solution to this problem.  

I have no problem with Christians in general.  I respect my Christian brothers and sisters who stand with us in support of Israel and the Jewish people, but they must not attempt to convert us--especially with the lies and deceit employed by those who call themselves "messianic Jews."

We must always draw a firm line between respecting fellow religious people and allowing those people to plot to steal the souls of the weak in Jewish communities.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Incredibly Disgusting Action: Saudi "Hackers" Explose Credit Card Information of 400,000 Israelis


I understand that people have political differences.  I understand that some Saudis think that Israelis are wrong, and that some Israelis think that Saudis are wrong.  

I have no problem with people expressing ideas, having disagreements, and staging peaceful protests.  However, stealing credit card information from innocent Israeli families and exposing that information on the internet is going way too far.

This is a crime that is so filled with hatred, that is so filled with anti-Semitism, that its almost painful to write about it.  Why would any group do this?  

This is not legitimate protest.  This is not political speech.  This is pure, unadulterated criminal thuggery against hard-working regular people on the street.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A FREE Technological Answer to On-Line Tsniut Issues

By Michelle Nevada, Israel Jewish News


Just a short post to tell you about something I have discovered that has been very beneficial to my on-line browsing experience and may be even more beneficial to those wishing to avoid the almost unavoidable as they are attempting to read articles on the internet:  advertisements featuring half-naked women.

The issue became very pertinent for me today as I tried to read a rabbi's column in an Israeli newspaper online, but the article was surrounded by and even embedded with advertisements for weight loss pills and diet plans featuring women in jogging bras and underwear showing off how much weight they have lost.

It may just be the algorithm for my specific computer that showed those advertisements (How do they know I need to lose a few pounds?).  However, if you don't want to deal with the issue at all, there is a free technological solution to the problem.

49 Hours of Shabbat?


When Samoa decided to switch its relationship to the rest of the world by deciding to skip the last Friday in December and move to the other side of the International Date Line, they unwittingly began a fascinating halachic debate.

When, exactly, does one celebrate Shabbat under that circumstance?

And, of course, there are issues of travelers, not only to Samoa, but for anyone crossing the date line. For example, the International Date Line is slightly different in Halacha than it is observed on international maps.   When does Shabbat start and end when you cross the date line?  Is it a different day if you live there, as opposed to simply traveling there?

What happens when Shabbat starts on Thursday evening and goes until Saturday night, 49 hours? (Can you imagine how overcooked the Hamin must be?)

I don't know about you, but the whole discussion makes my head spin!


The Day Shabbat Started on Thursday Night

How can the Jewish Sabbath start Thursday night and last 49 hours? Visit Samoa, where it jump-started the International Date Line.