Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hamas Reveals Nobel Lauret, Arafat, Had Blood On His Hands, Approved Hamas and Fatah Terror in Oslo War


My favorite line from this story is this one, “It was the first time Hamas has stated that Arafat, who like his successor was championed by the American government as Israel’s ‘peace partner,’ gave instructions to Hamas to break two years of relative quiet and launch what evolved into a decade of suicide bombings and deadly rocket attacks.”

A very true, albeit subtle, commentary upon the character of Arafat and his murderous successor, Abbas.

If the world could just get past its hatred of Jews, they would soon realize that it isn’t Israel that is an “obstacle to peace.” Every time Israel gives even a little bit, it increases the violence and murder. We were right to be suspicious of Arafat then and we are right to be suspicious of Abbas now.

Israel wants peace more than anyone, but we know that peace is impossible with the likes of Abbas.  Abbas is a terrorist, like Arafat—why do you think Arafat liked him and promoted him?

Israel has more to gain from peace than it does from war, but Abbas has more to gain from war than he does from Peace.

With peace, Israel could direct their attention and their money toward advancing medicine, technology, and tourism in Israel—which would help everyone in the country—Jews, Christians, and Arabs. Our economy would grow by leaps and bounds.

With peace, Abbas stops being the darling of all of the Jew-Haters in the world—the Arab league, most of Europe, and Iran. Right now, in their “resistance,” (which we were right, again, to translate as “war of terror”) brings in millions of dollars every week to the coffers of Abbas and his buddies in Fatah and Hamas. They don’t have to build anything but a threat to Israel in order to be financed, and one murder of an Israeli or a kidnapping can bring in millions upon millions of dollars and continuing celebrity.

The only winners in this fake “peace process” is the American administration, who can appear to be trying to do something towards the leftist dream of “peace.”

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but there won’t be any “peace” as long as the arabs known as “palestinians” are training their children, every day, to hate Jews. There won’t be any “peace” as long as the “palestinians” are taking money to fight Jews. There won’t be any “peace” if the international community keeps demanding that Israel back down and rewards those “palestinians” for their bad behavior and terrorism.

Peace cannot be negotiated with those who profit from war.  Let Israel defend herself and fight back against those who threaten her. Let Israel make peace the only way peace can be achieved—through strength.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Polish Neo-Nazi Couple Finds Out They are Jewish, Become Religious Members of Warsaw Jewish Community

Ola (Image Taken from CNN Video)


G-d Bless this couple!

It is amazing how Hashm is gathering those who had no idea who they are.

In an effort to locate Poland’s lost Jews, the truth has often had surprising consequences. In the most extreme case, a married couple who shared a life of Neo-Nazi hatred found out they were really Jewish, turned their lives around, and now frequent the Beit Kenesset.

A beautiful story, and one happening every day all around us!

How many times have we all come across those who just found out they were Jewish, who discovered their hidden heritage—from Poland and Mexico, Iran and Russia, China and Uganda.

When someone looks at me and exclaims, “You don’t LOOK Jewish,” I have to answer, “What does Jewish look like?”

It appears that “looking Jewish” has really expanded!

In a note about the CNN video that goes with this story, I had to laugh!  Finally, CNN does a story that is positive about Jews, and they begin the video with a Red Lobster advertisement!  Typical!!  
That is the primary reason I didn't embed it.  If you want to watch it, be my guest.  Just follow the link under the story headline.


Hey, Obama! Nice "Change" right? I guess The Patriot Act doesn't look so bad now that you are sitting in that Presidential chair!


Wait!  Weren't the Democrats the leading anti-tapping group when George Bush was in office?  Didn't they oppose the Patriot Act in all its forms?

Remember this?
"I'm stunned by the president's rationale," said Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island. He said Bush's justification for the eavesdropping was "without merit."
Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold said Bush's comments represent a "retreat from who we are and who we should be" as a nation.Democratic House leaders are calling for an independent panel to investigate the legality of the program.
I guess the shoe is on the other foot now?  The "Change" president has decided that Bush was right, and not only was he right, but he didn't go far enough??

Very interesting.

It seems that one thing has happened in Washington since the Democrats took over--they have learned a few things about terrorism.

Computer Code is the New Smart Bomb! Malicious Stuxnet Virus is the New Face of War as Iran's Nuclear Program's 30,000 Classified Computers are Infected & Nuclear Production Grinds to a Halt

Not Today, Mahmoud!

Well, there you go!  Israel and/or the US and/or some other nation (India? China?  Korea?) did the job of destroying Iran's nuclear ambitions without any casualties, and to great effect.  

It appears that the virus has stopped Iran in its tracks.  The only thing Iran can do now, is to start over with new computers that have no connections to the old ones--which means they have to input data manually from one system to another. 
Of course, isolating a virus is very hard.  All it would take is one technician with an old flash drive to reinfect the entire system once more.

I am betting that part of the "sophistication" of this virus is that it is almost impossible to reverse-engineer.  That would take some strong code, which would take some serious supercomputer algorithms to achieve.

I'm sure that by the time the virus code can be broken that whomever engineered this virus in the first place would probably already have protected their system from the same or a similar attack.


This is a new level of warfare, my friends.  The equivalent of a computer-code nuke with a high-tech version of the Manhattan project behind it somewhere.  


By a Miracle, Pregnant Terrorist Victim Gives Birth to Healthy Son, Successfully Undergoes Surgery. Now, Israel, Go Get The Terrorists and Make Them Pay!!


The sickest part of this story is that terrorist groups would actually want to take credit for this barbarous act!  According to Arutz7, The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the military wing of Fatah, and the Al-Quds Squads of the Islamic Jihad have claimed joint responsibility.

I want Israel to react in such a way that no terrorist group would want to take credit for an attack.  I want Israel to come down on those two groups so hard and so fast that they all DENY any connection with any attack ever.  This is the only way attacks will stop.

This is the second pregnant woman to be attacked in Israel during this month, and, Thank G-d, this woman was able to get away, give birth, and be treated successfully for her injuries.  According to the lastest update, she underwent Orthopedic surgery and was considered in good condition.  Her baby, who came into this world by a miracle, is healthy and in his father's arms (B"H  May he grow in Torah and Mitzvoth from Brit to Bar Mitzvah to Chuppah!).

Now I will ask the obvious:  are these blood stained pigs of Satan (a.k.a. Islamic terrorists) targeting pregnant women?  It seems so.

Please, my dear Israel, don't just arrest, deter!


Jew Arrested for "Seeming to Be Praying" on OUR OWN TEMPLE MOUNT. Do you really think Islam is Tolerant? Really?


This has to stop. We should not be prevented from praying upon our own Temple Mount.  Seriously, who could think this is a Moslem site?? . . . It was built long before Mohammed was born!!

Jews pray facing the Temple Mount.

Arabs pray facing Mecca--with their rear-ends facing the Holy of Holies.

It is our most sacred place.  It has been our most sacred place for over 3,000 years.

It is only a sacred place to Arabs for a few hundred years because someone thought that some dream that Mohamed had about flying to a "far away Mosque" referred to the Temple Mount (and a lot of Islamic scholars disagree with the belief that it referred to the Temple Mount--especially since, at the time, Arabs had never regarded the Temple Mount as a Holy place.)

Why can they pray there, but we can't?  What could possibly be so offensive about a Jew standing quietly on our own Temple Mount. He didn't enter their abomination of a Mosque there. He was outside on the grounds.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

UPDATE: “Refael, they stabbed me in the heart!” Shmuel Tuvol, 19, said as he lay dying in Uman. His brother, Refael, narrowly escaped the same fate.

Shmuel Tuvol

UPDATE:  Murder was Anti-Semitism

The update includes information that clarifies previous reports.  For example, he was not home--he had visited his family-owned store, and was inside when he heard the men around his car.  He thought the car was being stolen, and offered the men money so they would leave the car alone.  

However, the men were not there for the purpose of vandalism or for the purpose of money.  They were there to murder a Jew.


'Motive for Murder at Uman was Anti-Semitism'
by Gil Ronen

Shmuel Tuboul, the Jewish man who was stabbed to death in Uman <> ,  Ukraine, was murdered because he was a Jew, and anyone saying otherwise  is misleading the public, according to Manny Schwartz, an old acquaintance of the Tuboul family. In an interview with Arutz Sheva's  Hebrew-language radio newsmagazine, Schwartz stated: “Even if the authorities in the Ukraine try to hide this, he was killed because of his Judaism.”

Schwartz said Tuboul's appearance was obviously Jewish: he had a large kippah, long peyos (earlocks) and a beard. He noted that the murder occurred when the festivities marking the 200th anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Nachman reached peak pitch. "Shmuel went to his family-owned grocery store to get a drink for celebrating. He heard the noise of fighting outside and saw youths throwing stones at the car. He went out to them and summoned his brother Raphael. They thought that the  attackers wanted to steal the car. He offered them money but to no avail. They tried to make the attackers flee. Then one of [the attackers] stabbed Shmuel twice directly in the heart.”

Schwartz added that the Jews who live in Uman are “well aware of the locals' character” and that they have solved numerous incidents of violence by paying money “so as not to raise the flames.” In this case, he said, there was no way of talking to the attackers, who had come to kill Jews and not for any other reason. "They did not take the wallet nor the cell phone," he noted. "There's no other reason. It was murder for murder's sake. All the circumstances indicate that the murder was because he was Jewish."

Asked if the hassidim at Uman are organizing for some kind of revenge, Schwartz said all the Jews' resources are now directed to returning of the victim's body to Israel for burial. "We do not want to create animosity with the neighbors," he said, but added that he expects local authorities to come up with a deterrent against the anti-Semites, by increasing police presence or some other means.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Women "Peace Activists" Raped, Silenced by Leftists


OK, so the "Poor Palestinian People" are raping and sexually harassing young women who come to "help" them, and when the young women are raped or forced into converting to Islam and marrying a "Palestinian Freedom Fighter," the women are told to not report the crime because they will hurt the "cause."

So, please, tell me . . . what EXACTLY is this "cause" that the women "peace activists" are promoting?  

Do they want peace?  
Then they shouldn't support terrorists who send suicide bombers, bombs, and armed men who shoot pregnant women in cold blood!

Do they want equality?  
Then they shouldn't support misogynists cloaked in religion who treat women like chattel, refuse to allow them to drive, deny them an education, and deny them the right to work to support their families!

Do they want gay rights?
Gays are killed.

Do they want religious tolerance?
Israel is a safe haven for all religions.  Islam only allows Islam.

Do they want justice?
Shariah law does not guarantee equal rights.

So, the only thing left is:

Do they hate Jews?
Supporting "Palestinian Rights" allows you to hate Jews without ever saying it directly!


Preserving Jewish Cemeteries is Preserving Jewish Heritage

Virginia City, NV

There are all Jewish Cemeteries everywhere. There is one in Virginia City, NV, that I used to visit when I was a child. The place was a mess, the tombstones faded and broken, but it was still an amazing place.

Some may think that preserving these cemeteries is not the best use of time or money, but by preserving these cemeteries we are preserving our history. We are losing our heritage every day. We are being written out of the history books.

Jews were everywhere, not just NYC. We need to reclaim this history and this heritage.

Shouldering the burden of forgotten cemeteries
By Sue Fishkoff  

SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) -- The old Jewish cemetery in Eufaula, Ala., hasn’t been used in years.

“The monuments are just crumbling,” said Sara Hamm.

She and her family are the last Jews living in this once-booming cotton and railway town on the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

The Jewish cemetery’s first burial dates from 1845, when German Jews began arriving as merchants and dry goods salesmen. They bought a synagogue in 1873, but sold it in the early 1900s when their numbers dwindled to several dozen. The cemetery, with its 84 burial plots, fell into disrepair.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Nano Magen David: A New Use for a Jewish Star!

Hebrew University

Can anyone say that this new structure is not a gift directly from Hashm?  

Without trying, Scientists at Hebrew University create Nano Magen Davids by combining two elements in a nano structure that may help detect disease.

A miracle of minuscule proportions!

Nano-Particles Shaped Like Star of David Found
by Gil Ronen

A new type of nanoparticle  resembling the six-pointed Star of David (Magen David), a centuries-old Jewish symbol, has been discovered by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The discovery of the tiny particle, the researchers say, may lead to new ways for sensing glucose in diagnosing diabetes and provide a catalyst to capture the sun's energy and turn it into clean fuel.

Their work, they further believe, greatly contributes to understanding how hybrid nanoparticles form. Hybrid nanoparticles are systems which combine two or more different materials on the same particle in which the combination provides multi-functionality to the particle. The discovery by the Hebrew University scientists is described in an article  published online and in the October 2010 issue of the journal Nature Materials.

Who Is The Enemy of "Peace"? Terrorist Murderers Intended to Kidnap Bodies, Bring Down Abbas


Why must we constantly give up terrorists, land, and the lives of our people for this fictional "peace"?  Meanwhile, our Jewish inmates experience harsher conditions and longer sentences because they don't engage in terrorism?  This makes no sense.  
Why does Israel have this revolving door for terrorists?  The terrorists don't care about being arrested because they know that they will simply be released in the next round of "peace talks," blood on their hands or not.

How does releasing murderers contribute to this fictional "peace" that Obama and Hillary are so keen on bringing to fruition?

Clearly, a Hamas terrorist who has just been released from an Israeli jail and who planned not only a terrorist attack, but the kidnapping of bodies in order to "use them to demand the release of imprisoned terrorists, sabotage the peace talks, and bring about the resignation of Mahmoud Abbas and the collapse of the Palestinian Authority," is not the best friend of the President, his cabinet, or the great unwashed crowds who congregate on street corners dressed in tank-tops and keffiyahs and calling for "peace" and pretending they are there because they care about "Palestinians."

Most of those in the crowds wouldn't be able to find Israel or Gaza on a map, and have no clue what is happening.  They are standing on street corners because it is the thing to do, because some Facebook friend invited them, or because they just want to do something that smacks of anti-establishment thinking so they can live-out their college protest fantasies, singing "we will overcome," when all they are really interested in is playing dress-up.

Well, sorry boys and girls, your side-show once more gives way to the main attraction:  a group of murdering terrorists.

When you were buying your Birkenstocks and straightening your keffiyah, did you think about how the pregnant mother of six small children paid with her life for your juvenile expression?  Did you think about her husband who died trying to protect her and her unborn child, so close to being born?  

Did you consider how a young bride might feel as she packs up the apartment where she planned to build a life with her husband?  Did you think about the little girl who will go to bed without the soothing voice of her mother to comfort her?

Wake up.  

You are being manipulated by some very evil men, and you are falling for it.  That's what happens when you stand for nothing--you end up supporting men who will not only shoot a pregnant woman in cold blood, but plan to abduct her body to hold ransom in order to destroy the precious "peace" that you seem to hold in such high esteem.

Maybe the next time you are admiring your look in the nearest mirror, you should think again about who might be the enemy of peace.


The Laws of the Sukkah, According to Dr. Seuss


To me this is a favorite
I post it for every Sukkot.

These laws are very real, you'll see
They all have a helpful footnote!


Rabbi Arthur E. Gould, Sukkot 1999 - 2001
Rules of the Succah (with numbered footnotes)
(For more about the Laws of the Succah see

You can build it very small (1)
You can build it very tall (2)
You can build it very large (3)
You can build it on a barge

You can build it on a ship (4)
Or on a roof but please don't slip (5)
You can build it in an alley (6)
You shouldn't build it in a valley (7)

You can build it on a wagon (8)
You can build it on a dragon (9)
You can make the s'chach of wood (10)
Would you, could you, yes you should

TIME Journalist, Karl Vick, Looks At the Facts . . . After the Fact


Seriously? The “Jerusalem Bureau Chief” of Time Magazine had never gotten into a car and traveled 30 minutes to visit Judea and Samaria, but he published a huge article criticizing it? How long has he been in Jerusalem?

I just can’t understand what passes for “journalism” today. My dear journalism professors of days past would be aghast.

No journalist, at least no journalist that I ever knew when I was studying to be a foreign correspondent, would EVER think of writing a story about a place they had never been to, about people they had never met, or about events to which they had no knowledge.

“That,” my dear Doc Laak would say, “is not Journalism, it is fiction!”

Such hack journalism was reserved, in those days, to the National Equirer and the Star. Now, such fictions can be seen in the hallowed pages of TIME, Newsweek, and The New York Times on a daily basis.

Karl Vick is guilty of journalistic malpractice at best, and it is good that he has decided to do a bit of journalistic teshuva with this tour.

Let us hope that this tour did, actually, open his eyes and didn’t—as I fear—simply twist in his mind to confirm all of his already set prejudices (also a journalistic no-no in times past).

And, if he does actually write the follow-up story, I doubt the so- leftist- they- take- three- turns- left- to- make- a- right- turn- editors at TIME will print it. After all, such an article would never meet their editorial “responsibility” to report the news that attacks Israel, and ONLY the news that attacks Israel.

Even this article is enough that poor Vick will probably have to go to Fox News with his hat in his hand and ask for a job, as none of the failing news magazines who only print the garbage against Israel would have him, I’m sure.

Welcome to the journalistic backwater, Mr. Vick. Take a seat in the land of “print the truth and never write for a newspaper or magazine again” journalism.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

New "Shivalistings" Site Online Free Help for Mourners


I saw the announcement for this site on JTA, and I wanted to make my blogsite readers aware of it because it seems to be a very good idea to help mourners, especially when many of our families and friends are so far away.  I have reprinted some of the information from the site for your convenience.  If you want to see how it works for real, you need to register for the site (it is free for mourners). 

I am hoping that this will be the first wave of some websites that deal with the issue of death and mourning.  It is a legitimate concern, and I applaud these developers for forthrightly dealing with such a sensitive subject.

I wish that facebook and other social networking groups had some legitimate way to let others know about the death of one of your friends.  I just lost a friend and found out by visiting his facebook site.  It was very sad to find out about his death this way, but I am glad I found out.  

Social networking sites have to come to a realization that death happens, and they need to have a way to integrate that into the protocols.  For example, it would make sense that you could designate one person, a spouse or a sibling or a parent that, in the case of your death, could have access to your profile information, that there would be some way of announcing funeral arrangements, etc. in a simple way, and that you could archive the site so that it could be kept for posterity.

I am hoping that sites such as this shivalistings site would develop a facebook interface so that those who know the person via facebook, or who keep in touch with the person via facebook could also be informed in a timely manner.


Friday, September 17, 2010

A Meaningful Fast to You All!


My dear readers.  I wish that you all have a meaningful fast, that you are written and sealed for a good year, and that you will all forgive me if I have harmed any of you during this year.

Yom Kippur is the happiest day in the Jewish Year.  May all your hopes and dreams of the new year come true.

Yom Kippur: When Israel Stops, Looks Inward 
by Hillel Fendel

The  highest of the High Holidays – Yom Kippur – is to begin on Friday night, and Jews around the world are preparing by attempting to become better people.

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is a Divinely-designated day that the Torah explains “will atone for you [plural] to purify you from all your sins before G-d.” Such atonement, however, must generally be accompanied  by teshuvah, a process that includes introspection, confession  of sins, remorse, and a commitment not to repeat them. One must also appease and ask forgiveness from those he has harmed or insulted over the year.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaifeng Jews welcome Jewish New Year

Among millions celebrating Rosh Hashana this week are some 1,000 residents of China's oldest Jewish community,7340,L-3951348,00.html
Itamar Eichner

Among the many Israelis and Jews around the world who will welcome the Jewish New Year are also 1,000 residents of China's oldest Jewish community.

"From here in Kaifeng, China, we want to send our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to our brothers - the people of Israel," says Wang Jian, one of the members of the city's Jewish community.

Jian is particularly excited when talking about Israel. His son Yaacov made aliyah last year.

"Our ancestors have lived in China for over 1,000 years, and we are proud of our Jewish heritage and culture. We celebrate Rosh Hashana as the start of a new Hebrew year, and it is for us a very meaningful and important holiday. Like Jews everywhere, we dip apples in the honey, sing songs, and pray for a year of peace, health and aliyah!," he says.

The Jewish community of Kaifeng was founded in the 9th century, apparently by Jewish merchants from Persia or Iraq. The city's synagogue was built in 1163. At its height the community consisted of 5,000 Jews, many of whom were involved in Kaifeng's commerce.

The Best Rosh Hashana Video I Have Ever Seen


This is an awesome video.  I hope you love it as much as I do!!

May you all be written and sealed for a sweet new year!!

Shana Tova!!


Rosh Hashana Seder

Click to enlarge for printing

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Fake Kabbalist Crisis Among the Orthodox Jewish World By Shelomo Alfassa

"This is an everyday occurance in the Orthodox Jewish communities in America, people go to these men daily."
 (NEW YORK, NY) September 7, 2010 - Jewish communities in the United States are being plagued by a rash of phony 'kabbalists' and 'rabbis' that are taking various superstitious practices and masking them behind the guise of 'spiritual' or 'kabbalistic' Judaism. These men, often members of the Orthodox Jewish community, do this seeking power for themselves and to gain financial profit. Among people of their own community, they often use the Hebrew title of 'mekubal' (kabbalist), in their pursuit of knowingly and deliberately deceiving people out of money in exchange for the promise of various miracles, financial success, good marriage, etc.

 Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between God and His creations. It is a religious set of ideas and practices which are part of the Jewish religion - and not a separate or distinct religion as is often reported. While there has been a spiritual awakening in recent decades among Jews that are drawn to spirituality, this 'spirituality' is often represented as 'kabbalah.' However, folk religion and superstition as well as artful trickery is being passed off under the guise of real kabbalah-and, for profit.

These con men often exploit the good name of influential rabbis that have died and can no longer defend themselves from the lies said in their name. The 'kabbalists' use photos, names, alleged associations and reputations of past rabbis to justify their supposed magical powers and extra-earthly abilities.

Don't Forget To Make an Eruv Tavshilin!!

The Proper Procedures for ERUV TAVSHILIN
By Rabbi Eli Monsour

Because the holiday is falling out on a Thursday and Friday, and we’re going straight into Shabbat, Halacha does tell us that it is forbidden to cook from Yom Tov for Shabbat. Even though Friday is Yom Tov and we are allowed to cook according to the Halachot of Yom Tov, but one would not be allowed to prepare the food on Friday for the Friday night Shabbat, unless one prepared Eruv Tavshilin.

Wednesday, before the holiday, Halacha says; you take something baked (like Challah) and something cooked (like hard boiled egg or meat), and you make the Beracha, “Asher Kidishanu Bemitzvotav Vitsivanu Al Mitzvat Eruv”, and then you declare: “With this Eruv that I am making, it would be permissible for me to cook, and to bake, and to carry, and to do all my needs for Yom Tov to Shabbat.”

So Eruv Tavshilin is vital in order to make those preparations. Now, it should be pointed out, Eruv Tavshilin, while it helps you for Friday to Shabbat, it does not help from one Yom Tov to the next. This means, if let’s say, someone is having a Seder by their home on Thursday night, which is the 2nd night of a Yom Tov, and they want to start preparing Thursday afternoon, cooking the rice, and preparing some of the foods, so that when the people come home Thursday night its all ready- It’s Forbidden.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Update: Murderer of Three Persian Jews Confesses


Apparently, this was a drug deal gone bad . . . or was it?

It sure appears that the Sheriff's Office is spinning it to show the evil of medical pot. Should we get rid of pharmacies because some people are misusing prescription drugs? If you follow their logic, I guess we should!

It's sad that the tragic death of three young men has been turned into a spin factory for eliminating medical pot.  The sheriff's department should be ashamed.

Sheriff: Man in Calif. triple slaying confessed
By THOMAS WATKINS - Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES -- A man accused of fatally shooting three others in a drug deal gone wrong confessed to the killings soon after he was arrested, authorities said Wednesday.

News Conference announcing the capture of Harold Yong Park.
Harold Yong Park, 31, faces charges that include robbery and three capital counts of murder. His arraignment Wednesday was continued until Sept. 14, and he was not assigned an attorney.

How Ashkenazi and Sephardi Traditions Differ on Rosh Hashana


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks just said the most interesting quote I have heard in a while, "Science is about investigation, religion is about interpretation."

It is very true when it comes to our traditions.  As a proud Sephardi, I am commonly misunderstood.  Well meaning Ashkenazim, unaware that the traditions of both Ashkenazim and Sephardim are equally fortified by the rulings of great sages through the generations, often assume that Sephardim just don't know "THE LAW" (actually, your interpretation of the law, not THE law), or you assume that the Sephardim are just so irreligious that we don't care.  

Both groups of Jews both have legitimate traditions.  This clarifies some of the confusion--well, at least about Rosh Hashana  . . . 


David Ha'Ivri Speaks to CNN about the "Peace Talks"


Ever since I met David Ha'Ivri during his lecture tour of the US in 2001, I have had incredible respect for him.  He has become a friend as well as an inspiration to me and many others.  David stands up for his convictions, and he backs those convictions up with clear, cool, logic.

May David Ha'Ivri and his family, as well as the rest of the Jewish nation, share in the PROMISE of G-d's gift our our land, Israel.  May the world see those who stand in our way as clearly as David sees them, and may Hashm open the eyes of those in power.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Fake Arab Graves Discovered Near Eastern Wall in Arab Land Grab Scheme

"Graves" by the wall

More fake burials of imaginary people in the never-existed arab nation of “palestine.” 

This is just like the olive trees issue.  The arabs either put their names on any stick that grows from the ground, or they "steal" existing Jewish olive trees in Judea and Samaria and put their names on those trees in an effort to steal land or provide cover for their terrorist infiltrations of Jewish villages under the guize of "harvesting" those trees.

It is a giant land grab in order to destroy Israel, nothing less.


False Arab Graves Also Found Near Eastern Old City Wall
by Elad Benari

Several weeks ago, Arutz7 reported exclusively that dozens of new tombs were being added to the Mamilla Cemetery, an ancient Muslim cemetery located on the outskirts of Jerusalem's Independence Park, but no one is  buried beneath them. These faked graves were in fact a Muslim project aimed at taking over land.

Following Arutz7’s report, the faked tombs were removed by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Lands Authority.

Now,  it appears as though the same phenomenon is occurring also in the area of the Eastern Wall in Jerusalem (adjacent to the Western Wall). The Arabs are simply ignoring a law that deems the area a national park.

Funeral For Five Victims: Avishai Shendler, 24; Kochava Even-Haim, 37; Talya Imes, 45; her husband Yitzhak Imes, 47; and their unborn baby

Kochava Even-Haim, 37, will be buried in Ashdod
Talya Imes, 45, and her husband Yitzhak Imes, 47, are to be buried at  the Mount of Olives cemetery
Avishai Shendler, 24, is to be buried in Petah Tikvah

How does one explain to a two-year-old that his ima will not return?  

How does one share the news with an eight-year-old girl that the mother she loved, the one who brought her up and cared for her, can no longer brush her hair or make sure her collar is straight when she leaves the house for school?   

How do you tell a new bride that her husband, the one with whom she planned her future, her children, her life will not be coming home?  

May Hashm help these families through this very difficult time. May BiBi's heart be hardened against these brutes, and may the entire country answer this terrorist act in the only way it must be answered:


Thousands should descend upon the land of Israel with tools and materials in hand building in the name of the people who have given their blood for our land.

May giant cities be constructed in the name of these five victims.  

Yes, five.  

I know the secular press will not say it, but a baby in its ninth month is, clearly, halachly, a human being.  A victim of terror before drawing a breath.  

May Hashm bless us all, and protect us from these savages and their co-conspiritors: those signing letters of boycott against their brothers, those spying under the guise of "peace," those wearing the cloak of political progressives while furthering the cause of Islamic fascism.  May they all learn what it is to fear the LORD.