Friday, December 31, 2010

Scientists Find Proof of First Modern Humans in (Wait for it ) . . . Israel!


It always seems that scientists start out saying "HA!  The Torah isn't true!!" and, with a bit more research and time, end up saying . . . "Well, OK, maybe this ONE TIME . . . "  What is funny is how many "one time" discoveries have occurred! 

This article is just another example.  Scientists may have found proof that humanity originated in (* gasp *) Israel!

Imagine that!  That silly old story of Adam and Eve might actually have happened.

Hmmmm.  You don't suppose all that other stuff is true too, do you?  You know, all the laws and such . . . 

I wonder what type of conundrum this will put the strict evolutionists into. I can just imagine:

"No, Johnny, the Bible isn't true . . . well, except that part about how the universe was created suddenly, from nothing; how all matter was created the same moment; how all the planets were created at the same time as the rest of the universe; how light was separated from darkness because the universe was “foggy” with ionized plasma—a type of light that cannot be seen--and how, when the photons were released from that plasma, the universe become transparent as light was separated from darkness . . . well, and, of course there is this whole humanity originating in Israel thing . . . but, believe me, Johnny!  Even though there is no way the author of the Bible could have known this stuff unless the author was G-d, just remember, the Bible isn't true!!"

It seems the more scientific we get, the more we end up proving that Torah is truth--which, of course, is what Maimonides always believed.

But, back to my point.  It looks like we might have found the earliest modern humans, in Israel.

But, of course, for most of us, it was just a matter of time before the scientists caught up with what we already knew to be true.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Action Alert: AntiSemitic Newspaper Publishes Blood Libel Against Jews, Zionists


I don't usually become embroiled in action items, but I felt that this item was of such importance that I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Yesterday, a friend of mine received a "Google Alert" article from an Oregon on-line newspaper called the "Salem News."  I understand that the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center regard this site as a "hate site," and I can understand why!

The article in question was so objectionable, so over-the-top in its Anti-Semitism and its attack on Jewish and Christian Zionists, that she contacted me so that I could get the word out.  

I agreed with her assessment.

I don't want to bring any more traffic to this rag, so I have quoted the article, in its entirety, for the purpose of bringing it to your attention.  If you are as offended as I am, then it is time to act by writing letters to their internet provider, to their advertisers, and, if you live in Europe, you may be able to complain about this site, and some of the "European Correspondents."  If anyone has any other ideas for how to deal with this site (in a legal way, of course), please leave me a comment.

The site is sponsored by Hopone.Net.  You may make a complaint to that provider at this address:

Here is a list of some of the advertisers on Salem-News, and their e-mail addresses (please leave me a comment if you can find more!):

Auction Masters

Steels Karate 
(They are an affiliate of the Japan Karate Federation of the Northwest, who should be alerted to what Steels Karate is doing.  Contact:

Monte’s Auctions 

Willamette Queen Sternwheeler

Kadels Autobody

Of course, all action against this site should be civil and legal.  Please do not threaten anyone or partake in any hate speech yourself. 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nazi's Promised Mufti of Jerusalem Leadership of "Palestine" after Wholesale Slaughter of 350,000 Israeli Jews


This knowledge has been hidden too long in the name of "politically correctness." It is very significant, obvious, and historically appropriate information that every person needs to know.  The Islamo-Facist-Nazi connection that began in World War II has been alive and present the whole time--even when our sociologists, historians, cultural anthropologists, politicians, and pundits wanted to look the other direction (see this excellent article about the "taboo" of discussing this issue from the Wall Street Journal.)

It starts with our own people, refusing to include this history in the US Holocaust museum and in the material provided for Holocaust education all over the world.  We can't deny a history that exists.  We can't wish it away.  We can't ignore it.  

It is there, it is present, and if we don't acknowledge this very obvious aspect of the Islamist "revolutionary" dream, we will never understand the truth behind their great wish to make Israel a Muslim country.  

Arafat wanted to realize his Uncle's dream to be the supreme ruler of Israel, and he passed that sick dream to Abbas and to Hamas and Hezbullah and all the other poor sucker arabs who call themselves "Palestinians."  They think if they control Israel, they can destroy Judiasm and the Christianity and spread Islam to every corner of the world.

This article shows how the US government has known the murderous intent of the arabs to kill all the Jewish inhabitants of Israel in World War II, and how that murderous intent has not faded in the present day.

It is high time that our own people realize this history.  Once we have acknowledged it, then we can make sure that others understand.


‘Nazism, Islam shared common enemies - the Jews' 
Nazis  promised grand mufti of J'lem Haj Amin al-Husseini leadership of Palestine after slaughter of its Jews, according to US report.

12/15/2010 00:54

 NEW  YORK – A newly released report by the US National Archives details the close collaborative relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, indicating that Nazi authorities planned to use Husseini as their leader after their conquest of Palestine.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jew Goes Under-Cover as Neo-Nazi, Tricks Notorious Nazi Into Giving Up Evidence for His Conviction


A big thanks to the American Jew, Mr. Mark Gould, who trapped this horrible, evil man by posing as a neo-nazi and getting the old man to admit his secrets, share his evil diaries, and provide all the evidence needed to convict.

In order to pull this off, this Jewish man of morals and character had to give up his self-respect, risk being shot, and sever ties with his own family and his traditions--all in the name of justice. May the stench of his assumed identity easily wash away, and may Mr. Gould's family know of his sacrifice throughout the generations. May Mr. Gould and those who assisted him be blessed among the Jewish people, and may he write a great book that I would love to read!!

I thought it was especially sweet that Mr. Gould was able to be present when the horrible, evil, despicable nazi, Bernhard Frank, was arrested.  I am so glad that Frank was not allowed to die in peace.  He will die knowing that every cent he made, his home, his savings, his businesses and land holdings--everything he ever touched--will be taken from him and his family forcibly by the courts.

He will die knowing that everything he ever had will be used for the benefit of Jews, and that instead of his assets going to his children and his grandchildren, it will, instead, go to the children and grandchildren of his victims.
Happy Hannukah!


Friday, December 3, 2010

ARSON. TERRORIST ARSON. Two Residents of Druze Village Arrested Throwing Malotov Cocktails in Carmel


I said this from the beginning, other people said it too, and now, finally, after much hemming and hawing and pretending like this was not a terrorist attack against Israel, the police have arrested two men throwing Molotov cocktails.  

I am praying that many more arrests will follow.

Oh, but, of course, it can’t be a terrorist attack, right?

No.  Just friendly arabs wanting to have a little party and forgetting to watch their cooking fire.  Yes, of course.


Anyone from the West Coast of the US can tell you that one man with a cigarette can be a terrorist when the fire danger is high.  In Nevada, people are prosecuted for just that crime—throwing a cigarette out of your car window will get you a prison sentence, and you will be forced to pay for the cost of fighting the fires and repairing the damage.

I am praying that Israel will prosecute those responsible for this fire as the terrorists that they are.

(Which, unfortunately, means that they will be released in five or six weeks when Bibi does his next “good faith” release of dangerous terrorists in order to “make peace.”)

Sickening.  Really, really, sickening.

I think it the judge who decides what to do with these men must hand down the sentence while surrounded by the young children and babies of those lost in this fire.


Beit Oren, Nir Etzion Burned After Some Residents Forcibly Evacuated

Before the Fire:  Beit Oren National Forest
Before the Fire:  Nir Etzion

I know that many may say that the residents of Nir Etzion and Beit Oren should not have returned to their homes and farms against police orders and should not have had to been forcibly evacuated, but I’m sure the independent members of those towns also had very good reason to fight.

The government, by its own admission, has bungled this fire from the start, they don’t have the personnel, the money, or the equipment to fight it. There is a good chance that the people of Nir Etzion and Beit Oren would have been more resolute and more successful in fighting the fires in their community than the government.

In addition, those in Nir Etzion and Beit Oren have a severe mistrust of the government’s motives, as the government hasn’t been especially forthcoming with aid to religious Zionist communities and, frankly, may be less than willing to protect those communities.

It is so sad that, in combination with the hellishness of this fire (which I resolutely will not call a “natural disaster”--unless you think that arab terrorism is “natural”), the people of Israel must also deal with their inherit mistrust of Bibi, Peres, and their thuggish underlings.

Who is to say that the citizens of these burned-out communities won’t find themselves banned from their own property by the government and by arab squatters when they want to return?  Who is protecting these towns from looting and squatting?

After the fall of ash, comes the fallout of pain and suffering that always seems compounded by the actions of the Israeli government.


14 Victims Names Released, Funeral Times Set. May Hashm Comfort Their Families and Friends


As feared, the dead are young, in their late 20s and early 30s.  They had beautiful new lives, spouses, and children, and homes.

This is such a terrible tragedy.  They will need support and love and encouragement in the months and years to follow.


May Hashm comfort their families and friends.



Names of Some of 41 Fire Victims and Funeral Times Released

The Carmel fire, Israel's worst natural calamity ever, is not yet under  control, despite the arrival of fire-fighting planes from Bulgaria and other countries. The fire is still threatening the Denya neighborhood in  Haifa.

A fire department spokesman announced a request for all firefighters to  come to relieve the exhausted firefighters of the north, who are refusing to leave the site, but are on the verge of collapse. He announced that the firefighting services are critically short of firefighting materials, complicated by the lack of rain and strong winds.

The names of several of the victims of the Carmel Forest tragic fire were released early on Friday morning:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12 Thousand Evacuated, 40 Dead, 4 Critically Injured in Carmel Fire


The IDF has been asked to film the fire from above in order to determine where it is heading next, but right now, it is headed toward Denya and the neighborhood is being evacuated at this time.

In addition to the information in this article, there is an update that 36 of the families of the victims have been informed of the deaths, and psychologists, clergy, and officials are meeting with them.

This tragedy has struck the Druze community especially hard, so please keep that community in your prayers as well.

There is a great suspicion that this tragedy is due to the cowardly and destructive terrorist arson of the Carmel forest.  May Hashm bring comfort to the families of those who have perished, and justice to those who perpetrated this crime.


Further evacuations as result of spreading Carmel fire
Areas  of Denya neighborhood of Haifa begin evacuations; police chief orders IDF to film northern forest fire from above; 40 prison guards killed after being trapped in bus; PM to declare day of mourning.
12/03/2010 01:26

Northern Israel was in a state of emergency as the worst ever fire in the country's history incinerated a bus carrying forty members of the Israel Prisons Service
,  killing everyone on board, destroying thousands upon thousands of dunams of forests on the Carmel Mountain ridge and injuring dozens. Twelve thousand residents from Tirat Carmel and other surrounding communities in the area were evacuated from their homes as a result of the fire.

Police Insp.-Gen. David Cohen was overseeing rescue operations in the Carmel region. Cohen  completed an evaluation meeting and issued instructions to emergency officials for the remainder of the Thursday night and into Friday.

Continuing Coverage of Carmel Fire: More than 40 Dead, Many Injured. Greece, Cyprus Send Firefighting Aircraft


The continuing coverage of this tragedy. 

At least 40 young IPS cadets were burned alive in a bus, and there is a widespread belief that these fires are due to terrorist arson. 

Currently, Tirat Carmel, Nir Etzion, Ein Hod, Ein Hid and Beit Oren have been evacuated, and other evacultions are under way, the Haifa Chief of Police has been critically injured. 

Greece and Cyprus are sending firefighting airplanes to assist Israel because Israel doesn't have large firefighting airplanes that can drop large quantities of fire-retardant chemicals on the fire. 

Again, may G-d bring comfort to the victims and their families, and justice to the perpetrators.


UPDATED! Horrible Tragedy in Carmel Fire Attributed to Terrorist Arson: 40 Burned Alive in Bus



Two members of Druze Village have been arrested for Arson at this time.  They apparently were throwing molotov cocktails out of their car and probably were responsible for many of the fires in the north.  The Mt. Carmel fire started from one spot, according to investigators, but they haven't determined whether it was an accident or arson. 

At least SOME of this fire can be attributed to terrorist activity.  I am certain that, when the facts are finally known, the 40 victims on this bus, those who have lost their homes, those who have lost their livelihood and their crops and their orchards are victims of this terrorist act.

Please see the developing story.

May Hashm comfort the families of those so tragically lost in this fire. They were on their way to help the prisoners, to make sure the prisoners were safe. They gave their lives for their charges.

G-d bless them.

22 Confirmed Dead in Fire, Most were on Prisons Service Bus

by Gil Ronen and Hillel Fendel

Dozens of security personnel, many from the Israel Prisons Service, are believed to have perished in the fire that has been raging on the Carmel Mountain all day Thursday. Many of them are said to be IPS cadets. Twenty two people were confirmed dead by 7:00 PM and the total number of dead is estimated at 40.

If the fire was set by Arab arsonists – a likely possibility at this point – this is the deadliest terror attack since Israel's founding.Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Thursday evening that the fire on the Carmel range is "a disaster of a scope that we are not familiar with."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Thoughts on Hanukkah