Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poll Shows Israeli Youth Will No Longer Swallow Lies of "Peace"


If I ask my child to swallow a bitter pill, and he sees results, he might do it again.

If I ask my child to swallow a bitter pill, and he sees no results, he will refuse the next time.

This is the lesson of this latest survey.  Our Youth will no longer swallow that bitter pill of "Land for Peace," or "Negotiation for Peace." They know it does nothing.

It is a lesson that the "dove" parties in Israel need to take to heart.  One does not promise peace at the expense of Jewish lives, one does not promise peace at the expense of Jewish homes, and one does not promise peace at the expense of Israel.  Too many times we have been asked to swallow the bitter pill with the promise that "this time we will have peace."  

All of those promises have resulted in nothing but the bitter taste of losing what is dear to us.

It is time we took our lives into our own hands and stopped negotiating things which can never be negotiated.  

Peace is something won in war, not agreed upon, not negotiated, not promised.  Our Torah teaches us that it is Pinchas, the zealous protector of Israel, who was awarded the Covenant of Peace from G-d.  In Pinchas, G-d teaches what we must do.

Putting off the inevitable is useless. If we allow evil in our midst, we die.  If we watch as our youth is lost to lust and greed and the corrupting influence of outsiders, we die.  It is only through moral strength that we can overcome this enemy, and through that moral strength, we must strike at the heart of evil.  One may scream about how Pinchas was wrong, one may lecture on the need for restraint, but, in the end, Pinchas and Pinchas alone is awarded peace.

How long must we stand at the door of the Tabernacle and watch the enemies of Israel bring immorality and evil into our camp to weaken us?

Our youth have already learned this lesson.  Now, it is time for those parties in Israel, who claim to be for "peace," to make the hard choices it takes to claim that prize.  We have swallowed enough of their bitter pills.  It is time they swallowed the Truth.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"3rd Intifada Page" Removed by Facebook. Now, When Do All The Muslim's Boycott Facebook? I'm Waiting . . . still waiting . . . still waiting . . . When?



I just wished Facebook had pulled down the page BEFORE all these crazies had a chance to read it.  
However, I'm sure that Facebook's lack of movement on this issue will still make Facebook responsible for any violence that comes about from the "intifada" date mentioned on the page.  They will be sued, no doubt.

If they are sued, they deserve it!

I think leaving that page up for one moment was long enough, especially after the heinous murder of the Fogel family in Itamar and the bombing in Jerusalem.  Facebook showed a complete lack of responsibility, business ethics, and business sense.  

Now, I am looking forward to the millions on Muslims and "palestinian" supporters who will now leave facebook.  After all, isn't that what they promised us?  Didn't they say they would all boycott Facebook?

Have fun!  Good luck on Myspace!

Ha Ha Ha!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Facebook Won't Remove "Third Intifada" Page. OK. We Asked Nicely. Now, On To The Other Options . . .


OK.  Facebook won't remove the "Third Intifada" page.  I guess they are afraid of the warning that appears on the page, “If Facebook Blocked This  Page... All Muslims Will Boycott Facebook For Ever!”

But should they, seriously, worry about that?  Hello!  I don't think all the Muslims would boycott Facebook any more than all the Jews would boycott facebook if it didn't block the page.  Facebook has just become too big, too important for the spread of information.

So, why aren't they blocking it?  It clearly violates the terms of service for Facebook pages,  specifically Section 3, No. 6, 7, and 10:
  • #6 states: "You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user;"  
  • #7 states: "You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence;" and 
  • #10 states: "You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
So, what are we left with?  There are several options.
  1. Each of us file a separate complaint against the page citing the terms of service, as we are all victims of content which harasses, intimidates, bullies, threatens, is hateful, incites violence, contains gratuitous violence, is misleading, malicious, and discriminatory.  (Here is how you file that complaint: 
  2. Each person in Israel who is harmed in any way--physically, psychologically, or economically--retain a US law firm who will launch a class-action lawsuit against Facebook in order to win compensation for said terrorist activities due, in part, to the existence of this page.  Maybe if they feel it in their pocketbook, they will think twice about allowing these pages to exist!
  3. Appeal to some of our dear pro-Israel hacking community to take care of this problem for us.
I suggest that one reason that the page still exists is that the Shin Bet, FBI or CIA created the page in order to attract and find the crazies and get their names.

Even if that isn't the case . . . a nice rumor campaign might be all that is needed.  If the crazies think that they are on a site sponsored by the US or Israeli intelligence community, they will avoid it like the plague.


Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 1911: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

This was a huge tragedy that, G-d willing, will never be repeated. 

The cities had grown in population, the buildings had grown in height, but the infrastructure had not changed.    

Not only did the owners of the factory lock their doors, preventing the workers from escaping the flames, but the New York City fire department didn't have the equipment to rescue them--with ladders that only reached the sixth floor and  fire escapes in disrepair, crumbling and detaching when the women tried to access them.  One woman died trying to leap to a fireman's ladder.

The changes which came about because of this fire--safety and health regulations, labor laws, and rescue procedures--stand as the legacy of these young women who died so young.

May we never forget this tragedy, may we be ever vigilant.  

If you work in a tall building, please take a few moments today to locate the fire extinguishers, escape routes, first aid boxes, portable heart defibrillators, and sprinkler systems.  Check fire doors to make sure they are in working order, that they are not blocked, and that no one has affixed a lock to them.  

Know how to get out of your building in the dark.  Make sure your office participates in fire drills.  Ask you boss about getting people in your office trained in CPR and First Aid.  And, as you look around, think about the fact that 146 people, most of them young Jewish women, gave their lives so that you would have a chance to make it out of your building alive.

We must protect the vulnerable, the young, and the desperate.  They too easily become victims in the world.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bombing at Bus Station Takes One Life So Far, Injures 50


This is a terrible tragedy, a horrible crime, and an unforgivable attack.  Please pray for the victims, and that the leaders of Israel will find it in their hearts to destroy the enemies of the Jewish people.

1 dead, 50 injured in Jerusalem bus bombing
Bomb  inside bag explodes next to Egged bus 74 opposite Binyanei Ha'uma in central Jerusalem; 3 seriously injured, 5 in moderate condition.

One woman died and 50 were injured after a bomb exploded at a bus station in central Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

Police  said the explosion took place outside Egged bus number 74 at a station opposite the Jerusalem Conference Center (Binyanei Ha'uma) in the center  of town.

Fifty people were injured in the attack. Three were injured seriously from the explosion itself, four moderately from shrapnel packed into the explosive device and the remainder were in moderate to light condition.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Purim Poem from Michelle Nevada

Purim’s here, the trees in bloom

To see the world is upside-down.

But even as we gaze in horror,
We know there is a Great Restorer.

So be happy and think of Purim today,
Enjoy the sun, the birds, and play!

The fate of the world is not in your hand,
The earth doesn’t tremble at your command.

On Purim, G-d shows us how to react,
How best to have a most impact:

Share sweetness with a friend and neighbor,
Give charity from your honest labor.

Hashm, even hidden, is the Only Power,
Who can heal a heart, or bloom a flower.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Meaningful Fast to Everyone!


If it weren't for the hidden hand of G-d and the hidden miracles that G-d provides us every day, we wouldn't be here. This fast is as applicable today as it was in Esther's time.

Fast of Esther Observed on Thursday  
by Elad Benari

Jews around the world will be observing the Fast of Esther (Ta’anit Esther) on Thursday.

The Fast of Esther commemorates the three-day fast observed by the Jewish people at Esther's request as the Purim miracle unfolded. The story can be found in the Scroll of Esther which is read out loud twice,  evening and morning, during the holiday.

The fast is usually observed on the thirteenth day of the Jewish month of Adar, which is the day before Purim. However, when the thirteenth of Adar falls on Shabbat, as is the case this year, the fast is moved to the preceding Thursday, while Purim is celebrated on Sunday. Cities that  had walls in the days of Joshua, such as Jerusalem, celebrate Shushan Purim on the 15th of Adar, which falls on a Monday this year.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brutal Murder of Fogel Family is More than Terrorism--It is Barbarism.


So what are the leftists going to say now?  Will they claim the newborn was inciting the terrorists?  Maybe the three-year-old was making threats?  What sickness does it take for armed men to come into a family's home in the middle of the night and murder a rabbi, his wife, and three innocent children?  

I will tell you what sickness it takes.

It takes the sickness of a society that raises their children to hate Jews.  It takes the sickness of a society that gives school children books that poisons them to think that murdering a Jew will send them to heaven.

It takes the sickness of a society where the Prime Minister would suggest his own people were living illegally in their own homes, and a Secretary of Defense that would collaborate with the enemy to destroy Jewish homes.  

It takes the sickness of a society that will listen to anti-Semites dressed in the robes of "Peace Now" rather than supporting their own people who are trying to make a life in the land that G-d has given us.

May G-d avenge the murder of this family, and may the entire country of Israel rise up at once and put an end to the activities of leftists, anarchists, and terrorists working hand in glove to destroy Israel.  May the entire land of Israel raise up to demand that Judea and Samaria be immediately annexed.  Don't let this family suffer in vain.  Make this a moment of truth.  

May the Fogel name be preserved on the lips of every Jew, and in the names of cities up and down the length and breadth of Israel.

May Hashm bring comfort to the entire Jewish nation, and especially to the orphans.  


Friday, March 11, 2011

Jewish Groups, Israel Moblizing to Help Victims of Japanese Quake, Tsunami


This is such a difficult time for everyone.  Pray for the people of Japan, the people of Hawaii, the people of California and all others effected by this terrible tragedy.

I am so proud of Israel.  They are there to help anyone, any time, anywhere.  Bless these volunteers, these soldiers, and these politicians and government workers who are giving so selflessly in the honor of human life.

Tikkun Olam.

To repair the world.


Jewish groups mobilizing response to Japan quake

Jewish organizations are mobilizing responses to the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Friday.

IsraAid, an Israel-based coordinating organization for 17 Israeli and Jewish humanitarian groups, said Friday that it has two teams of rescue personnel, emergency medical officers and water pollution specialists ready to deploy to Japan but was looking for ways to reach the affected area.

Rabbi Angel of Parasha Vayikra

Religion and Superstition

By Rabbi Marc D. Angel 
During the past week, I received an email from an organization in Israel seeking donations for which donors would merit success, happy marriage and good health. The organization offered to have a Torah scholar pray at the Kotel from the Fast of Esther through the 7th day of Passover. They assured donors that this is a "very powerful time for hidden blessings to be revealed."

Not long after getting this spam, I received in the mail a glitzy brochure from another organization seeking donations so that the "gedolei hador" will pray on our behalf at the Kotel. The brochure features photos of sages with long white beards, who assure us that by supporting this charity we will gain wonderful rewards.

These are recent examples of the ongoing process of cheapening Jewish prayer, and of undermining the spiritual foundations of the Jewish people. The above charities, and many others as well, prey on the gullibility and fears of the public. They claim to have direct access to God--through their "Torah scholars" and "gedolei hador"-- that the rest of us lack.

They claim that these prayers at the Kotel will be effective, whereas our own prayers anywhere else will not be as effective. Charlatans abound who promise miracles, if only we will give them ample donations. They will write us amulets, bless red strings, send us holy water or food, pray for us at the Kotel.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Saudi Arabia Continues Institutionalized Pedophilia Despite Claim They are "Inching Toward Ban" on Child Marriage


This is nothing more than institutionalized pedophilia with old rich men "buying" little girls for sex. 

Despite the headline on this story that "Saudi Arabia inches closer to ban on child marriages," they are probably as far away as ever.  A clue to that is in the paragraph that says that Saudi Arabia has finally defined a "minor":

  • "For the first time in Saudi history, the parliament in January defined childhood as applying to citizens under the age of 18, in preparation for a new child protection law. The matter of child marriages, however, was intentionally excluded from the legislation under the pretext that it was a "touchy issue,” Al-Riyadh reported. Eman Al-Nafjan was annoyed  by the distinction legislators made between 'a child' with regards to abuse, and 'a minor' with regards to marriage."
If it is such a "touchy issue" that they can't include the issue of child brides in the legislation, then I think it is probably safe to say that this legislation is very far off.

The "selling" of daughters for the purpose of marriage is commonplace in Saudi Arabia, and, according to a study, done mostly by men who want to spite their ex-wives by selling their daughters.

So, the child bride issue is not only a human rights issues for the child brides, it is also a human rights issue for the mothers, who are often forced to remain in marriages or to give up their rights by men threatening to sell their daughters in revenge.

Where is the National Organization for Women on this issue?  Where is the UN "human rights" organizations, or any of those other famous liberal organizations?

You know they won't say a thing.  They are too busy paying an ideological game of "oppose Israel" no matter what the cost in little girls' lives.  Shame on them for their silence.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

French Poll Favors Marine Le Pen over Sarkozy, Raises Alarm that Extreme Right is Gaining in Europe


Economic downturns always breed xenophobia, and xenophobia cannot be contained to one group of people.  What starts out as Marine Le Pen's campaign slogan to limit Islam will soon bloom into a nationalist fire against anyone who is "different"--race, culture, religion--it won't matter.

She promises that she is not her father, and she tries to "soften" her father's comments about the Holocaust, but I don't believe her for one minute.

She may seem like a great candidate in a country looking to blame their condition on someone, or a country who wants to lash out in pain at someone, but she represents a dangerous and growing presence in Europe--the kind of dangerous and growing presence that existed 70 years ago.

As much as the Moslems hate us, we are, unfortunately, hitched to the same wagon in the eyes of the xenophobes.  Whatever is directed toward Islam will be, inevitably, directed toward us as well.


Poll in France shows extreme-right candidate leading in 2012 presidential election     
by:  Joseph Byron

PARIS  (EJP)---A new poll in France reveals that Marine Le Pen, head of the extreme-right National Front party would defeat President Nicholas Sarkozy in next year’s presidential elections.

In the poll, published on Sunday in French daily Le Parisien,  Marine Le Pen, who took over the party’s leadership from her controversial father Jean-Marie Le Pen, would get 23 percent of the vote  in the first of the two rounds of presidential elections due to occur in May 2012, while Sarkozy would only receive 21 percent of the vote.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make 'em Pay, Jessica!! Student Sues UC Berkeley for Failing to Provide a Safe Atmosphere.

Jessica Felber

It is about time that this happened, and I hope she wins REALLY BIG money.  

I think it is only a sizable chunk out of a university budget that will convince these schools and their way-too-liberal administrations that there is a point at which "tolerance for diversity" becomes "tolerance for anti-Semitism."  

Already, the US Department of Education has ruled that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 will now be interpreted and enforced to protect Jewish students from anti-Semitic harassment, intimidation and discrimination.  Title VI requires that federally funded schools ensure that their programs and activities are free from discrimination based on “race, color, or national origin.”  If a school violates Title VI, it can lose its federal funding.

But, until now, the schools have been hiding behind the cloak of, "these were students attacking students, not expressed anti-Semitism by the university in violation of Title VI!"

Hopefully, this suit will provide the link between Title VI violations and the responsibility of schools in protecting their students against Anti-Semitic attacks.

Right now, Jewish students fear placing a Mezuza on their door or donning a kippah when they walk across campus for fear of being attacked or harassed.  Our Hillels and synagogues have become high security areas where you have to buzz in, state your name and business, and sign your name when you enter during the week.   

This is intolerable!  It is time we fought back, and I will pray that Jessica Felber succeeds beyond her wildest dreams.  This is not just your fight, Jessica!  It is a fight for all the Jewish students in US schools.  Thank you for undertaking it!!  May Hashm bless your efforts and the efforts of your accomplished attorney!

Jewish Student Sues UC Berkeley over Muslim Assault
by Maayana Miskin

A Jewish student at the University of California at Berkeley who was attacked by a Muslim student last year has filed suit against UC Berkeley for failing to provide a safe atmosphere. In her suit, 21-year-old Jessica Felber alleges that UC  Berkeley did not effectively deal with harassment and intimidation by Muslim and pro-Arab student groups, leading to “a dangerous and threatening environment.”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Jersey State Gymnastics Tournament Accomodates 7-Year Old's Shabbat Observance, but USA Gymnastics Rules Against the Accomodation and Disqualifies Her Scores! SHAME on USA Gymnastics!!


Shame on USA Gymnastics!  The New Jersey State tournament officials tried their best to accommodate the religious needs of Amalya Knapp when she could not compete on the Sabbath--but the USA Gymnastics organization chose to disqualify her scores because she didn't compete at the same time as the other girls!! 

Please write to the national office of USA Gymnastics to complain about this horrible decision!

USA Gymnastics
132 E. Washington St., Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-237-5050
Fax: 317-237-5069; 
Member Services: 1-800-345-4719 

If you have a Jewish Community Center that currently offers gymnastics and is an affiliate of the USA Gymnastics organization, please write, call, e-mail, and show up at the JCC board of directors meeting to suggest they drop any affiliation with USA Gymnastics (there are other governing organizations).  

If your gym is an affiliate of USA Gymnastics, please let them know you are upset--and that you may be looking for a gym that is NOT USA Gymnastics affiliated because of this decision.  Please call or e-mail USA Gynastics, and tell your gym to call or write the national office. 

I am so sorry that this girl had to choose between her faith and gymnastics--but I'm glad she made the right choice!

USA Gymnastics should have done the right thing too.  I am DISGUSTED with them right now.

Kol Kavod, Amalya!  



Seven-year-old gymnast balances religious

NEWARK, N.J. — When 7-year-old Amalya Knapp took the beam at the New Jersey state gymnastics finals last month, her excellent performance symbolized a far more complicated balancing act.

Although she would have ranked fifth in her age group, eligible for a medal, her individual scores were discounted. She was unable to compete on a Saturday because of her Orthodox Jewish family's observance of the Sabbath.

"I was upset," Amalya said, "but my mother told me there are decisions you have to make."

USA Gymnastics made an effort to accommodate her and let her compete the next day, Sunday, Feb. 13, and permitted her scores to factor into her team's overall rankings.
But the national governing body held that because she hadn't competed at the same time as girls of her skill level and age group, her scores: 9.7 on vault, 9.575 floor, 9.5 beam and 8.75 bars — would not count toward individual medals or rankings.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Murderer of Bobby Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, to Face Parole Board. If Granted Parole Will Be Deported to Jordan.


The murderer of Bobby Kennedy, the "Palestinian" Wack Job, Sirhan Sirhan, is facing the parole board in California this week, and he has a better than average chance of getting paroled this time.

Not only has the psychologist deemed him "not a threat," but one of his victims says he "wouldn't object" to Sirhan Sirhan being released.

In addition, Obama's best buddy, Bill Ayers, dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan--so . . . what do you want a bet he gets sprung?

Sirhan Sirhan doesn't have American citizenship, he is officially a Jordanian Citizen (read "Palestinian"), a Christian (supposedly . . . is a murdering Christian still a Christian?) who would be deported upon receiving parole.   

I don't imagine that Jordan would take him.  Can you imagine what would happen in Jordan if Sirhan Sirhan was released there, especially right now, when there all these demonstrations are sweeping the arab nations?

Sirhan Sirhan, murderer of Bobby Kennedy would move from convicted man to hero the moment the plane touched down.

What a disaster this would be for us, for Jordan, and yes, for Israel.  After all, Sirhan Sirhan said that he killed Bobby Kennedy because Kennedy supported the selling of fighter aircraft to Israel.

So, in the completely twisted times that we live in, I'm sure Obama would press BiBi to accept Sirhan Sirhan back into the "Palestinian Territories" where his presence would, immediately radicalize the Palestinian Christians.  Wonderful!

Isn't it funny how the definition of "crazy" can change with the political winds.  When Sirhan Sirhan was convicted, he was "crazy" in his hate of Israel.

Now, of course, he is normal.

We live in very dangerous times.

Sirhan Sirhan, convicted RFK assassin, to face parole board
By Michael Martinez, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Sirhan B. Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, will make a personal appearance before a California parole board for the first time in at least nine years on Wednesday, supported by two psychologists' reports saying he no longer poses a threat to society, his attorney said.

And in what a prosecutor and Sirhan's attorney say will be an extraordinary appearance, one of the surviving shooting victims in the 1968 assassination, retired TV journalist William Weisel, is expected to tell the parole panel that he won't object to Sirhan's release if the board OKs it, Weisel told CNN.