Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"In my eyes, it is chauvinistic that a crowd of mostly men needs to pass the time-outs watching young girls dancing and shaking. That seems pretty repulsive to me."


What can bring feminists and Haredim together?  Cheerleaders.

It seems that the club, the fans, and the cheerleaders themselves have tried their best to walk a fine line of modesty, but the truth is that there is no modesty in having young girls parade around in front of men for the entertainment of men. 

And lets be honest here:  most of what passes for "cheerleading" at professional sports venues is usually nothing more than cheesecake.  

I agree that a lot of the high-school and college cheerleading should be considered a sport, as it requires real talent and dedication to perform at that level.  

However, most of the professional sports teams just want cleavage and thighs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Jews for Palin" and Jewish march on Washington Take Aim at Anti-Israel Obama Administration


Of course, it will take about .0025 milliseconds for the lefties to call any Jews who support Palin "racist," but, frankly, their "you must be racist" rant about everyone who has legitimate and significant reasons for questioning Obama is becoming very tiresome and, in its own right, is starting to sound, well,  racist.

Are they going to tell me that Obama can't stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his HUGE mistakes?  It seems to me that anyone who would say that a black man cannot be held responsible for his actions because he is black is the racist, not the one who is asking him to be accountable!

I guess we should answer with, "You must be a sexist if you don't support Palin!"

But the name calling is not going to solve anything.  

What we need to do is stop wasting our energy and our breath on answering these false accusations and start moving in a positive direction toward what we

Are we really celebrating our independence, or merely the fact we live in Israel?


Wow.  Miki Goldwasser doesn't pull any punches here.  She is disgusted by those who have sold their Zionism for votes, and she is telling it as it is.
G-d Bless You, Mrs. Goldwasser!  You are a tribute to the memory of your son, to Israel, and to the Jewish people.

Give 'em hell!

We’re still in Diaspora
Despite having our own state, we haven’t let go of Diasporic Jewish patterns
Miki  Goldwasser    

In the moments between Memorial Day and Independence Day I ask myself: Are we really celebrating our independence, or merely the fact we live in Israel? 

There is a great difference between living here, without letting go of our wandering Jew mentality, and independence. For me, independence means letting go of

Summer May Heat Up Tensions With Lebanon, Syria . . . Iran


OK, if you have space, time to stock up on gasoline!  

Of course, Israel doesn't have any oil, and Syria and Lebanon really don't export any oil to us, but the oil companies will jack up the cost of oil and use any conflict with Israel, Lebanon, Syria as an excuse to raise the cost to astronomical levels because the average consumer has no clue about geography or commerce.

Meanwhile, according to Joseph Farah, M16 (that's the British version of our CIA) is reporting that Israel has been very clear with Assad of Syria that any missiles launched by Hezbollah in Lebanon will be answered by the bombing of Syria.

And, of course, there is the whole Iranian connection.  Maybe an attack by Hezbollah will be the impetus to attack Iran finally, and do away with the nuclear threat . . . or, more ominously, maybe Iran wants the attack on Syria so that they have reason to attack Israel.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Memory of Israel's Fallen, and a Prayer for Those Who Serve Her Today


These soldiers died in the service of Israel, of the Jewish People everywhere.  

It is a miracle we have Israel back in our hands, it is a miracle that we have a strong military to protect that land, and it is a miracle, every day, that Jews live in our own land.  

Hashm uses us as tools to keep this miracle going, and we must never forget that Israel exists by the blessing of Hashm alone. 

May the names of these brave men and women never be forgotten!  May their families be comforted, and may every single one of us lift our voices in prayers to the almighty that every soldier now in the service of Israel is protected!

Here, in the English version, is the prayer for the members of the armed forces:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Take That iPad to Israel! iPads Confiscated from Travellers, Deamed Illegal To Enter Israel. WiFi Power Levels are Not Compatible with Israeli Standards


No doubt about it, the iPad is the hottest thing since the iPhone, but you can't take it to Israel--not even when you are visiting.

The problem appears to be the WiFi.  I guess the American iPads are WiFi gluttons, and would severely tax the WiFi systems in Israel.

Of course, I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact that Apple decided to exclude Israel from the list of 70 countries where they would release the newest iPhone . . . no, I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. (By the way, the whole "70 countries" thing has a very freaky Biblical sound to it, don't you think?)

Meanwhile, if you take an iPad into Israel, they will be happy to "store" it for you (for a fee, of course!).

Lauder gets Louder: Obama Needs to Support Israel


I am thinking that Obama is doing the same thing with Israel that the arabs are doing:  using it to distract the population so they won't pay so much attention to his shoddy job as president.

However, blaming Israel for everything doesn't work as well in a country that boasts the second-largest collection of Jews after Israel, and a good deal of strongly religious Christians as well.

We are not like secular Europe, a wasteland of, as Mit Romney put it so well "of beautiful, empty cathedrals."  

Instead, we are a nation of believers.  There is hardly a corner in this country that doesn't sport a church or a synagogue that is filled to capacity on the Sabbath.

We are well aware of Israel's role, both as a political ally, and as a point of

Monday, April 12, 2010

Turkey's Tin-Pot-Dictator-Wanna-be, Erdogan, Tries to Gain Face With Fellow Islamic Crazies, Plans Incitement Against Israel . . .Sigh . . . Again!


This is just another example in the continuing saga of Erdogan trying to remake himself and Turkey into an Islamic Theocracy.  We all knew what he was up to when he took office, the world looked the other way when he had over 50 senior military officers arrested claiming they planned a coup d'etat, and Israel simply gave Erdogan a diplomatic pat on the head when he made blatant anti-Israel gestures to gain popular support.

This time, as if to say, "I really mean it!  I am trying to clearly make you see I am a big man!!" Erdrogan is sending ships to "challenge" (read "harass the Israeli Navy") the "blockade" (read "Israel's attempt to ban on weapons importation to terrorist crazies") of Gaza.

What Erdogan wants, is to "accidentally" get himself into a skirmish with Israel so that he can claim legitimate jihad status with the rest of the Islamic crazies in the world.  Erdogan can't declare war on Israel because most of Turkey is secular, the military is secular, and such a move would probably push the Turkish people just a little too far, and he could lose his seat (literally, and figuratively).

So, he wants to try to push Israel into a confrontation . . .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Debka's Excellent Evaluation of Security Breach in Anat Kam Espionage Case


There isn't much I can add to this excellent evaluation of the situation by Debka.  I think it is important to share this, and to understand that our soldiers cannot win wars with terrorists when our most important military secrets are available for the taking.

A lot of the security concerns have been focused upon high technology and computer hacking--when our enemies were just walking in and physically stealing the documents!

Not only do we need to pay a lot more attention to the treasonous activities of these leftists, we also must be careful to re-evaluate how the IDF does business, how Top Secret material is handled, and how to keep secrets secret.

Ha'aretz Doesn't Understand Ethics or Zionism, So Let's Teach Them In A Language They Understand: Money. Time to Boycott Ha'aretz!


I realize it is very hard to boycott a newspaper, especially when they might be in the habit of publishing stories that are of great interest to readers.

However, in light of the fact that Uri Blau has, in his possession, over 2,000 classified documents which he refuses to relinquish and which could be very damaging to the State of Israel, I think it is important for each and every one of us to help Israel at this time by boycotting Ha'aretz, their sponsors, and their advertisers until such a time that Ha'aretz releases Uri Blau from their employ, and/or Uri Blau gives himself and those documents up to Israeli authorities and faces justice for what he has done.

Treason is a serious crime which may not look very evil, as it is often committed by well-dressed, well-mannered individuals who are not accused of any particularly violent action.  However, treason is very evil.  

Fifth Column, Ha'aretz, Revealed as Gag Order Lifted in Uri Blau Case


Uri Blau is an Israeli  journalist who works for Ha'aretz Newspaper.  Before Ha'aretz, he worked at Kol Ha'ir, a weekly newspaper that is part of the same publishing group as Ha'aretz.  

As a Journalist, Uri Blau wrote a lot of pieces which were critical of Israel's right wing and, specifically, the IDF.

One of his earliest pieces, published in Kol Ha'ir in Hebrew, was entitled "No Exit" and contained inflammatory comments by IDF officers about what they thought when they had to confront arabs in the "territories."  

He also wrote articles accusing "right wing" groups of "raising money to assassinate Rabin" and continues his liberally-biased reporting to this day, from his new outpost in London.

Why is he in London, you ask?  Because he fears being immediately arrested and detained for accepting more than 2,000 classified documents from journalist-wanna-be, Anat Kam, who worked for the OC Central Command.

T. Alan Hurwitz First Jewish President of Gallaudet University


It may be difficult for many hearing people to understand, but deafness isn't seen as a disability by many deaf people.  Rather, it is a cultural marker.  Deaf culture is strongly traditional with its own language, educational system, and, of course,  controversies.  

My year of sign language classes in college (of which I can only remember the dirty words) can hardly qualify me as an expert in deaf culture, but it did introduce me to the fact that this is a very close, very dynamic culture with many of the same issues of essentialism (are you deaf enough?) and assimilation (you have sold out!) as the Jewish culture.

To be both deaf and Jewish must be quite a high-wire act, socially!  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burqua-Clad Arab Housewife Blast Clerics on "Idol" Show


In Saudi Arabia, the "Idol" show features people reciting classic and original poetry.  This poet, a mother of four, took the moment to blast the clerics from behind her burqua.

Why is this significant?  Unlike the spin we get from the middle east, she shows the frustration of women under Islamic law, and the crowd who voted overwhelmingly for her, show the frustration of the society at large.