Monday, May 31, 2010

With Gaza Flotilla, Erdogan Got the International Incident He Was Hoping For. Now He Can Concentrate His Power in Turkey By Using Israel As A Scapegoat


Erdogan, the PM of Turkey, is a jerk, but he is a smart jerk.  

Erdogan was hoping to cause an international incident with his "Gaza Freedom Flotilla," and he did.

It was a win-win for Erdogan.  If Israel allowed the flotilla to go through, Erdogan was a hero.  If Israel stopped the flotilla, Erdogan would say the right things and show the right indignation, and Erdogan would be a hero.

In an article from earlier this week, Debka said that Erdogan had arranged for the flotilla in order to use it as leverage for his own political aspirations, and Debka was right.

As we speak, riots are breaking out all over Turkey, there are reports that one of the Turkish MPs on the boat was killed, Israelis are warned to stay away from Turkey, and Turkish Jews, already targeted since Operation Cast Lead, are fearing for their lives and the lives of their children.

Fifteen Dead, 50 Injured Because Gaza Flotilla "Peace Activists" Were Armed


OK, let's look at the situation.

Over 1,000 "peace protesters" board ships from several different countries, and set sail to break the security perimeter that Israel has established around Gaza.

Why did Israel establish this perimeter?  Because Gaza was importing weapons in order to attack Israel.  Large ships full of weapons were pulling up to Gaza ports, or parking just off shore and either off-loading weapons into smaller ships for transport or dropping those weapons into the sea in watertight boxes for "fishermen" to pick up.

Israel was attacked over and over again by Hamas rockets, and those rockets were getting more and more sophisticated, able to reach further and further into Israel.  This is why Operation Cast Lead occurred.  Israel was being attacked.  It is still being attacked, but on a much smaller scale BECAUSE of the success of the security perimeter established by the IDF.  Without that perimeter, there would be an unstopping siege upon Israel by the terrorists.

OK, now these idiots say that there is a "blockade" of Gaza, and they are bringing "humanitarian aid" in.  

Israel answers with offers to transfer that "humanitarian aid" to Gaza in a lawful manner, as they do not want the boats to enter the security perimeter.  The boats refuse.

Next, the sail closer.  The IDF warns them to stay back.  They say, "If you don't stay back, we will sink you!"

The "peace protesters" continue on--oh, but this time they have armed themselves with guns and knives to prevent an IDF assault.  They are planning violence against the IDF--and they have been planning it all along.  After all, those weapons were aboard those boats from the beginning!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Secret" Iraqi Document Connects Saudis to Al Queda. Saudis Scramble To Arrest Those Who Leaked Document

Wow.  Seriously?  The Saudis are involved in terror?  They fund Al Queda?  

I thought they were just a bunch of rich guys who like to walk around in dresses!
I'm shocked!  (NOT)
(By the way, can you call something "secret" when the whole world already knows it?)
The scariest part of this story is the fact that even the Saudis aren't denying it.  Instead, they are trying to arrest the people who leaked the document.
OK, so when is the next official Saudi delegation expected in Washington?  Which of our "representatives" have taken money from them, and can we charge those representatives under the laws against material support of terrorism?


Gaza Terrorists Attack UN Children's Camp, Burn Tents, Destroy Water Storage Units, Make Death Threats Against Director. (Does Anyone Else Hear the Deafening Silence of the News Media???)


The tents at a UN children's summer camp were burned?  The Director of a UN children's summer camp was threatened?  Pshaw!  That's not important, right?  Who cares if several hundred children might be in danger later this summer, or if the head of the UN children's summer camp is killed? 

No wonder none of the other news agencies covered this story.

After all, they wouldn't want to make the terrorists in Gaza look like the terrorists in Gaza! 

No way--especially when the manufactured news story about the "Friendship Flotilla" heading toward Gaza to "break the blockade" will be hitting Thursday.

The news agencies don't want to pollute that story with anything as unseemly as facts!  If they did that, there wouldn't be an outpouring of outrage against Israel--and isn't that the point of all this?

Monday, May 24, 2010

As Gaza Flotilla Nears, Erdogen Issues Secret Threat To Israel


This is a serious escalation of the situation between Israel and Turkey if, as I assume, Debka has this right.

The “freedom flotilla” that is approaching Gaza is already a political hot potato.

If Israel lets it go through, it will break the isolation from Gaza and a free-flow of weapons and terrorists will begin flooding in.

If Israel doesn’t let it go through, it may be that Turkey starts some very nasty stuff with us. He has threatened "Israeli Interests."  Let's all hope and pray that Erdogen isn't contemplating harm to the Turkish Jewish community.

Right now, Turkey’s Erdogen isn’t looking so hot politically, and he has painted himself into a corner with his involvement in this affair. Losing face would be more than a political situation for him, it would be personal.

He may just want to have a dust-up with Israel so that he can boost his numbers, his influence, and his power at home.  I just hope that no innocent Jews are harmed by this increasingly dangerous and increasingly evil man.

This could be a very interesting summer.


Neturei Karta Attack Eli Yishai


OK, I am majorly confused here.  It appears that “Haredim” is the catch-all term for any religious person?  Because, I would definitely make a distinction between “Haredim” and “Neturei Karta.”

By the way, how does the news media distinguish between them as they are rioting?  Do the Neturei Karta wear some special uniform that shows that they hate Israel and love Iran or what?  Are they wrapped in an Iranian flag?  Do they wear little Hamas insignias?  What?

I have always questioned the any news reports about religious Jews, but I always thought there was some basis for what they wrote.

Now, I am questioning EVERYTHING about the news coverage of these “riots” in Jerusalem because I am not sure whether they were the result of religious concerns (as was reported), or if they started as religious concerns and then were taken over by the Neturei Karta because they hate Israel and might want to cause difficulty to the authorities in order to help their “palestinian brothers,” or if the Neturei Karta were the instigators from the beginning.  Were other religious Jews involved at all?  If so, to what extent?

Of Course Every Concession Leads to a Provocation! STOP! They Only Respect Power. We Need to Be Powerful and Unforgiving or We Will NEVER Have Peace!


I don't know why we are surprised that every concession leads to a provocation.  We already know that their culture is one of respect for power, not concession.  If we want to negotiate with them, we need to do it in a culturally-appropriate fashion, i.e. we need to be tough and never give in.

Aren't all the liberals always screaming about cultural differences and telling us to pay attention to the importance of these differences?  

Why don't we follow their advice?

Don't make any concessions at all.  

We need to say, "This is our land, it has always been our land, it will always be our land, and you can go back to where you came from right now!"

This is the culturally appropriate way to deal with the "palestinian" arabs who are occupying our ancestral homeland.  They need a clear and strong statement, and we must not back down for a second.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

HELL NO! Pay Your Own Dang Bill, Mr. Emanuel! How Dare You Eat Fried Squid As You Plan Your Son's Bar Mitzvah, And Expect Israel To Pay the Bill!


HELL NO, Mr. Emanuel!  Pay your own bill!

You should not go to Israel, pretend to be a representative of MY government during your PRIVATE trip, and then expect Israel to pay for your UNKOSHER meal which, ironically, you ate while you planned your son’s Bar Mitzvah . . . you know, the ancient ceremony where you son becomes a “son of the Torah.”

I guess you forgot that Kashrut was part of that Torah, right?

You are a rude, discourteous, embarrassment to the United States, Israel, and Judaism.

I feel very sorry for your son.  It is sad that your crass behavior has to taint his special day.  You will be lucky if several rabbis don’t come out against your son becoming a bar mitzvah when he can’t possibly know the first thing about his obligations after living with a father like you.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

(I know I am ashamed of you!)


"Jews for Jesus" founder dead. May his name be forgotten, his children ashamed of his legacy. May Hashm judge him as he should be judged (i.e. enjoy hell you creep).


It is quite fitting that Hashm chose to end this terrible man's life on the same day that we celebrate the giving of the Torah.  I don't think I can name a Jew who rejected Torah more than this horrible evil man, and it is fitting that Hashm removed him from this earth in order for the rest of us to enjoy this holiday without him.

He not only sinned, but he caused others to sin deeply.  For this, there is no recompense.  May Hashm judge him as he should be judged, may his children reject him and find shame in his name, may he be forgotten, may his legacy be destroyed, and may those who followed him recognize their sin while they are still capable and turn to Torah, study it with true Jewish scholars, and learn the error of their ways.

Why am I publishing this story on my blog?  

Because I want every Jew to know who their enemy is (Js for J was founded by the Baptist Church), where this enemy came from (the leader of Js for J was a Baptist Minister), who supports this enemy (Baptists), who funds this enemy (Baptists), and what this enemy uses to entice Jews away from Hashm and the Holy Torah (Lies and confusion).  

They prey upon Jews who do not know their heritage and their traditions, they prey upon Jews who are poor, who are sick, or who are elderly.  Mostly, right now, they prey upon Jews from the Former Soviet Union, Jews from the Middle East, and Anusim.  They pretend to be Jewish, but they talk about "Yeshua"--their god-on-a-stick.

Do not fall for their evil lies, and don't let others fall for them either.

If you want information about how to counteract their evil lessons, and the evil lessons of other fake Jews PLEASE go to Jews for Judaism, The Anti-Missionary Gateway, The Messiah Truth Project, and/or visit Tovia Singer's Website for Outreach Judaism.

We all need to know what these blood-sucking soul whores are up to and how to counteract them.


M***** R*****, 78; founded evangelistic group Jews for Jesus

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shavuot Celebration (Or Not!) Shows Difference Between Jews


Sephardim are often attacked as "less religious" because all types of Jews meet together in Sephardic Synagogues. 

For example, it is common for my children to be insulted by their playmates that our synagogue is "Reform" or "Conservative" because some of the congregants are not religious.  Even though we are just as "religious" and kosher as they are, we often find that Ashkenazi parents will not allow their children to eat in our home because we don't attend a "religious" (read Ashkenazi Orthodox) synagogue.

What they don't understand, is that the terms "Reform," "Conservative," and "Orthodox," are alien to our religious observance, and have no bearing upon the way in which Sephardim relate to Judaism, or to one another.

Traditionally, among Sephardim, there is no separation between different types of Jews.  

We expect our rabbis and our synagogues to be completely religious, but we don't judge those who attend our synagogues or ask them about their observance level before we give them an aliyah.  We simply pray, celebrate, and work together.

But, among Ashkenazim, the tradition is to segregate Jews--to have groups like "Reform," "Conservative," and "Orthodox."

Askenazim worry about exposing their children to "less religious" Jews, while the Sephardim wonder how it is possible for "less religious" Jews to know their obligations if they are segregated into a group with others like them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sephardic and General Shavuot Stuff . . . And a Few Recipes Too!


Shavuot is the only major festival mentioned in the Torah that is not given a particular date on the Jewish calendar.  Instead, the date of the festival is given in relation to Pesach.  Instead of giving us an exact date, we are commanded to count a week of weeks, 49 days, in anticipation of the date the Torah was given.  Clearly, the lesson that Shavuot is intimately connected to Pesach cannot be ignored.  In order to understand the importance of Shavuot, we must begin with an understanding of this connection.

Pesach is clearly the festival celebrating our freedom from the slavery of Egypt, but this was only the  beginning.    When one is enslaved, one is stripped of two important aspects of humanity—freedom and responsibility.

As freedom diminishes, so does responsibility.  As slaves, we had no ability to control our own destinies or the destinies of our families.  We could not make decisions.  We lost track of the days as we strived hour by hour just to exist.  During this time, it is said that the Jewish people  slipped to the 49th level of impurity, a spiritual state so low that we  were almost lost completely.  Because we lost our freedom, we lost our responsibility.  Because we lost our responsibility, we lost our humanity.

At Pesach, Hashm restores our freedom.

At Shavuot, Hashm restores our responsibility.

Ozzy Osbourne to Perform During Chol HaMoed Sukkot in Tel Aviv


Thank you, Ozzy!  Your support of Israel is greatly appreciated!

Rock on!

(I'm thinking the War Pigs are Hamas, how about you?)


Ozzy Osbourne to perform in Israel
Legendary British singer-songwriter, known as 'godfather of heavy metal', to give one concert in Tel Aviv on September 28,7340,L-3888837,00.html

Osbourne, known as the "godfather of heavy metal", will perform in Tel Aviv on September 28, according to his official website.

Osbourne is being brought to Israel by producer Shuki Weiss. According to the singer's website, the concert will be held at Yarkon Park. Osbourne, 61, will arrive in Israel as part of his world tour, immediately after giving concert in Greece.

Gaza Arabs Beaten, Thrown From Their Homes, Homes Bulldozed! No Alternative Housing Provided!! . . . Did Israel Do This? Nope. Hamas Did. (I Love To Say "I Told You So!")


So, you expected something different?  They don't care about their people.  They care about destroying Israel.  That is there one and only goal.  It has always been their one and only goal.

Anyone who supports these terrorists is not doing something good for the "palestinian" people.  

The supporters of these terrorists are simply supporters of terrorists.  Nothing more.

Wake up and smell the rocket fuel! 


Hamas Demolishes Dozens of Arab Homes
by Hillel Fendel

Hamas police beat and forcibly removed residents from their homes in a southern Gaza city, and the buildings were then demolished by bulldozers.

The Associated  Press reports that the Hamas police wielded clubs and pushed the residents out of dozens of homes in Rafah, on the Egyptian border. The incident occurred on Sunday, and destruction was expected to continue on  Monday. Hamas authorities said the homes were built illegally on government land.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wake Up Noam! It's Not 1969!! Chomsky (Thankfully) Barred from Israel. Can't Make Scheduled Speech to Ramallah "College." Boo Hoo


Good for Israel!  It is about time!!

But this isn’t enough. 

This bozo needs to be barred from every academic institution, conference, and/or presentation that he could possibly attend.  He has gone completely crazy, seriously.

He seems to believe because he came up with one particularly well accepted (but not by me) linguistic theory, that he has become a god or something.  His ego has gotten completely out of hand, and now he thinks that whatever he thinks is what should be thought by everyone. 

Also, he seems to have lost all connection with time. 

Hey, Noam!  Sorry to break this to you, but the 60s are over, you are out of touch, and your linguistic theories are passe!


Noam Chomsky Barred from Entering Israel
 by Gil Ronen

Ultra-leftist MIT professor Noam Chomsky was  denied entry from Jordan to Israel at the Allenby Bridge Sunday.

Chomsky,  a leading linguist, was scheduled to speak at Bir Zeit University near Ramallah. He reportedly spoke on the phone with an activist in an NGO called Right of Entry and said that his passport had been stamped with the words “entry denied.” He said that when he asked Israeli authorities  for the reasons for the decision to block his entry, he was told that it would be sent in writing to the US embassy.

Chomsky  has described his views as 'anarchist' and has been a proponent of ultra-leftist politics since the 1960s, when he opposed US involvement in the Viet Nam war.

In a recent interview with Democracy Now, Chomsky appeared to justify the development of nuclear weapons by Iran:

Israel  actually is sending the nuclear submarines and other warships through the Suez Canal, with the tacit agreement of Egypt, the Egyptian dictatorship, another US client in the region. Well, those are all threats—constant, verbal, actual.

And the threats do have the effect of inducing Iran to develop a deterrent. Whether they’re doing it  or not, I don’t know. Maybe they are. But if they are, the reason, as I  think almost all serious analysts would agree, is not because they intend to use nuclear weapons and missiles with nuclear weapons. If they  even loaded a missile was nuclear weapons, assuming they had them, the country would be vaporized in five minutes. And nobody believes that the ruling clerics, whatever one thinks about them, have a kind of a death wish and want to see the entire country and society and everything they own destroyed.

Chomsky visited Lebanon in 2006 and was hosted by Hizbullah. He stated that at the time that  “Hizbullah's insistence on keeping its arms is justified... I think [Hizbullah leader  Sheik Hassan] Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and [a] persuasive argument that they [the arms] should be in the hands of Hizbullah as a deterrent to potential aggression, and there is [sic] plenty of background reasons for that.”

One month after his visit, Hizbullah launched an attack against the IDF, sparking the Second Lebanon War.   (

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

“For those of us who put on tefillin, if you had said to me that morning, ‘Rick, if you put on tefillin today you’ll save the life of a Muslim patient,’ I’d have said you were nuts"--Rick Hodes


Here is a religiously observant Jewish doctor doing amazing things for the people of Ethiopia.  What a Kiddush Hashm!

It all has to do with making oneself a vessel for goodness.  He has no problem giving five orphans a life of meaning--even if they aren't Jewish and wish to keep the faith of their people.  He doesn't spurn them or spit on them or tell them they are sinning--he loves them, cherishes them, and provides for them.

This is the power of love, and it is a power that we can all tap into.

For example, I have a friend who lives in Pittsburgh.  He's a regular guy with a regular job who doesn't think of himself as particularly religious.  He keeps Kosher, tries his best to keep Shabbat, and attends a synagogue on a regular basis where he helps the youth learn to read Torah.  

What is amazing about my friend?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bomb suspect busted at JFK Pakistani US citizen 'trying to flee US'


Wow.  A young muslim man tried to commit a terrorist act in NYC?  I would have NEVER guessed!!!



Bomb  suspect busted at JFK  
Pakistani  US citizen 'trying to flee US'


 Last Updated:  9:51 AM, May 4, 2010

A Connecticut man who recently spent several months in his native  Pakistan was arrested at Kennedy Airport early this morning in connection with the attempted Times Square car bombing, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

  Faisal Shahzad, 30, was trying to flee the United States and was headed for Dubai when he was apprehended by federal customs agents, the sources said.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Montreal's Only Women-Only Mikvah Needs Major Repairs


The Cote St. Luc Mikvah is apparently the only mikvah in Montreal dedicated to women's use, and it is in grave condition.

This story makes me angry.  Really, really angry.


Because this is just another example of how chumrot is quickly replacing halacha in so many of our Jewish communities.

It is HALACHA for women to immerse.  It is chumrot for men to immerse.

Because the men are following their chumrot, they are making it difficult for women to fulfill the halachic requirement to immerse.

By adding to the Torah, these men are subtracting from it.  By thinking they are making themselves "more religious" by dunking in the mikvah, they are making the women unable to perform a necessary halachic requirement.

Why am I saying that women can't use a mikvah that men are using?

Seven Times More Religious Students Than Secular in Jerusalem Schools


We already knew this was happening, and it is happening all over Israel.  Not only do the seculars assimilate, but they either do not have children, or they have only one or two children.  After all, they wouldn't want  new Jewish life to impact their lifestyle!

So, Israel moves more and more to the right and more and more to the religious spectrum.  No surprise here. 

Those old men and women in our Knesset represent a dying species, soon to be replaced by religious men and women intent upon keeping Israel Jewish, intent upon clearly defining and defending our borders, and clearly stating, once and for all, "Am Ysrael Chai!"

This is why Obama and the EU are so frantic to get a "solution" (foul Nazi connotation intended) to the Mideast "crisis"--read, "situation where Israel won't roll over and give everything to the arabs."

Provocative Street Art in Berlin Presents Map Without Israel Under Text "Endlosung" (Final Solution)


The most shocking thing about this story, for me, is that the artists would be considered sincere about wanting to remove Israel off the map and using Nazi terminology like “Endlosung” (Final Solution). 

If I saw this posted on a street corner, I would think it was done in a sarcastic manner by artists who wanted to drive home the point that the arab “palestinian” people are playing the victim card in order to destroy Jews in the same way that Hitler played the victim card in order to destroy Jews.

It is hard to wrap my head around the idea that, in Berlin in 2010, people would actually take these artists seriously or that, in Berlin in 2010, the artists themselves would take themselves seriously.