Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Joy Increases! Beinisch "Retires" from Supreme Court


I'm not sure there is a happier way to welcome Adar than to see Beinisch step down from the bench! I just hope this isn't a Purim Prank . . . 

Beinisch has been the hatchet against every religious expression, Jewish right, and Jewish Settlement in Israel.

There is no place she didn't try to destroy Israel from the inside out.  She was like a festering cancer at the heart of our homeland.

I have written about Beinisch and her disgusting excuse for "justice" over the years, and I am ELATED that she has left the bench.  (On the way out, may the door soundly hit her where the Good Lord split her!)

Unfortunately, I don't think we are done with this witch.  I have a feeling that her imperious belief that she knows far more than we mere mortals will lead her to run for office.  G-d Forbid!

If she does run for office, I pray that the voters will remember her past in high detail.  Here is a partial list, in case anyone would like to know.  
(I am not privy to the full list of her transgressions . . . only Hashm has that!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Please Don't Give Me a Valentine!


When I was a child, I spent a lot of summers at my grandmother's house in Santa Rosa, California.  She lived on a leafy street across from a large ranch home with a working orchard.  Down the street was a park lined with California Laurel and Eucalyptus trees that perfumed the air, especially when it was hot.

As I write this post, I can still smell those trees and recall the palpable heat of July in Santa Rosa.  My grandmother loved to walk, and we would spend at least a hour every Saturday walking in that park.

Then I would go home, develop a horrible headache and a churning stomach, and lay motionless for the rest of the evening, unaware of what was wrong with me.

After I grew up and moved to Humboldt County for college, I discovered that I was extremely sensitive to California Laurels.  They give me a horrible headache.

True, I have beautiful and sentimental memories of walking with my grandmother in that park, of sharing those times with her, but I would never want to return to