Thursday, July 29, 2010

Want to Save the World? Ask Where PA Money Goes!


This is a beautiful piece by  It shows the corruption that is rampant in the "Palestinian" Authority.  

They don't care about their people, they care about power.

They don't want Israel's land, they want Israel.  Why?  Not because they want the land or even the money, but because they don't want Jews to live in Israel. It is a jealous hatred, irrational, and ancient.

We can live next to them, but they cannot live next to us.  They have shown this again and again.

Video: Where Massive Aid to PA Really Goes
by INN Staff

Where does all the international aid money to the Palestinian Authority actually go? Is it being used to help the people of Gaza and Arab towns in Judea and Samaria? Or has it been used for less worthy, or  even corrupt causes?

The following popular new Youtube video by the media activist organization ,  entitled 'Palestinian Corruption and Humanitarian Aid', seeks to demonstrate to the world where its money really goes, and where it could  be going.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Americans for a Safe Israel Issues Urgent Action Alert: Save Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva, Protest Rabbi's Arrest


Americans for a Safe Israel
1751 Second Ave
New York, NY 10128


Rabbi of Yitzhar Yeshiva arrested while Ehud Barak enroute to crucial meeting in DC. Vital to besiege Barak feedback upon arrival

In the early hours of this morning, Israeli security swooped down on Yitzhar and arrested the rosh yeshiva on charges stemming from the halachik treatise which he wrote that relates to the dilemma of when it is permitted and not permitted to use force against non-Jews.

Sources in the Israel defense establishment confirm that Barak has also given orders to demolish the rabbi's yeshiva in Yitzhar during Barak's seminal visit in the U.S.

All this is being done while the Knesset is in recess.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Revisionist History Continues as NAACP Removes Jewish Founder From Website


The revisionist anti-Jewish history continues its relentless march as we face another Tisha b'Av without our Beit Hamikdash.

Now an organization which was co-founded, heavily financed, and materially and morally supported by Jews throughout the years has turned its back on the Jews and erases our involvement--condemning another generation of African Americans from the knowledge of those who have worked on their behalf as partners in the fight for civil rights in America.

Sadly, it appears, the NAACP has decided that Jews are such a hated group of people that they can no longer admit they ever had any association with us, let alone that they had been founded by us.

Good thing Jews didn't feel the same way about blacks when blacks needed us to stand up for them and no one else would lift their hands to help.

But, we are unlike any other people in the world.  Jews cannot and will not count on the help, acknowledgement, or recognition of any people, government, or organization in the world.  

We can't.  

We must only count upon the help, acknowledgment, and recognition of G-d.

This is the lesson of the the desert.

This is the lesson of Tisha b'Av.

This is the lesson of history.

May Hashm always be with us, for we are a nation alone in the world, unlike any other. 

by Shelomo Alfassa /

New York, NY (July 19, 2010) It is a sad state of affairs that Henry Moskowitz, Ph.D., one of the original co-founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), has been excluded from the list of prominent "People" under the History heading of the new NAACP Website. Of all the founders of the NAACP, it is only Dr. Moskowitz (1879-1936) which is missing, leaving a gaping hole in the history of the organization.