Friday, December 3, 2010

ARSON. TERRORIST ARSON. Two Residents of Druze Village Arrested Throwing Malotov Cocktails in Carmel


I said this from the beginning, other people said it too, and now, finally, after much hemming and hawing and pretending like this was not a terrorist attack against Israel, the police have arrested two men throwing Molotov cocktails.  

I am praying that many more arrests will follow.

Oh, but, of course, it can’t be a terrorist attack, right?

No.  Just friendly arabs wanting to have a little party and forgetting to watch their cooking fire.  Yes, of course.


Anyone from the West Coast of the US can tell you that one man with a cigarette can be a terrorist when the fire danger is high.  In Nevada, people are prosecuted for just that crime—throwing a cigarette out of your car window will get you a prison sentence, and you will be forced to pay for the cost of fighting the fires and repairing the damage.

I am praying that Israel will prosecute those responsible for this fire as the terrorists that they are.

(Which, unfortunately, means that they will be released in five or six weeks when Bibi does his next “good faith” release of dangerous terrorists in order to “make peace.”)

Sickening.  Really, really, sickening.

I think it the judge who decides what to do with these men must hand down the sentence while surrounded by the young children and babies of those lost in this fire.


Police: 2 nabbed on suspicion of lighting fires in North  
Suspects  are residents of Daliat al-Carmel, aged 35, allegedly seen throwing lit  objects in Carmel area; separate wildfire reported near Route 70 south of Haifa.

 Two  suspects were apprehended by police after being seen hurling Molotov cocktails in a forest on a Carmel mountain hilltop. There was a pursuit and the suspects were apprehended. Police suspect that the two may have also been behind the blazes at Tzur Shalom (near Kiryat Bialik north of Haifa) and Tivon.

Head  of Hof police sub-district Asst.-Cmdr. Roni Attia said that arson is suspected in a number of separate fires, including Kiryat Bialik and Kiryat Tivon.

A separate wildfire was reported Friday afternoon in a field near Route 70, in the southern Carmel mountains near Bat Shlomo (south of Haifa). Route 70 was closed to traffic in both directions.

Earlier on Friday, police found a bike, a bag, and a wig inside near a fire center in Tzur Shalom, leading them to believe that the fire was caused by an arsonist or arsonists.

Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the Post that there are 3 fire centers - Tzur Shalom, the Atlit - Tirat Hacarmel area, and the Carmel hillsides.  In one, Tzur Shalom, north of Haifa, "we located suspicious items pointing to arson. As for the other two major fires, it is too early and  the incidents are to large in scale to know their causes at this stage." The death toll in the fires rose to 42 on Friday, according to Army Radio.

Galillee police were spread out over the area searching for suspects. Members of the public who see suspicious activity should call 100 immediately.

A firefighter spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Friday that Haifa is no longer in danger from the brush fires.

The fire is now focused on the Carmel hillsides and the Atlit region of Route 4, the spokesman stated.

" We won't put this out by today but we are aiming to significantly weaken the fire by sunset," he added.

The spokeman's statement came as northern Israel was in a state of emergency as the worst ever fire in the country's history incinerated a bus carrying dozens of members of the Israel Prisons Service ,  killing everyone on board, destroying thousands upon thousands of dunams of forests on the Carmel Mountain ridge and injuring dozens.

By early Friday afternoon, fire had spread to new areas in the Carmel despite the efforts of firefighters who were aided by the first foreign firefighting aircraft which arrived to help control the blaze.

   Firefighters  were battling flames on several fronts, including Na'aman Junction, Chai Bar, the entrance to the village of Usfiya, and the area between Usfiya and Dalia.

Fire spread to the area west of Usfiya, though  flames were low, Haifa firefighters said. Flames were centering 300 meters from the Ya'arot hotel in the Carmel.

At Nir Etzion the blaze was out of control, approaching homes and endangering citizens who  returned to their homes and ignored police instructions. Police were forced to evacuate citizens using force.

Firefighters were on the ground at all locations and  receiving aerial assistance in dousing the flames.

Eight  foreign planes, three helicopters, three firetrucks, and over 150 foreign firefighters have arrived in Israel so far, with more expected .

The  parts of routes 2 and 4 leading to that region of the country were closed, effectively closing off all major approaches to the North. Route  2 was subsequently reopened to traffic.

Aharonovitch: Kiryat Tivon blaze now under control; arson suspected

A  blaze in Kiryat Tivon is now under control, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Friday. Police suspect that arson may also be behind the Kiryat Tivon fire.

Aharonovitch added that Haifa's Denya area is safe and that fire has been pushed back from the area

"We  are not sending fire crews into the forests, this is too dangerous. The  focus is on planes. We have Israeli and foreign planes dousing the flames, and we need more planes," said Aharonovitch.

Police: Residents near smoke should close windows

Police issued the following instructions to members of the public: Those residing in homes near the smoke are asked close their windows. In case members of the public are asked to evacuate, they are asked to shut off all gas mains, and close windows and screens to prevent fire from spreading.

Those evacuated are asked not to return to their homes until receiving instructions to do so. Members of the public should continue to listen to emergency services for ensured safety.

Firefighters gained control of flames threatening residential areas of Tirat Hacarmel on Friday, preventing the blaze from causing serious damage to homes, fire officials reported.

According to Jewish National Fund officials, over 20,000 dunams have been consumed  and around 13,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes as a result of the blaze which has been spreading due to strong eastern winds.

Forty-two people have lost their lives in the blaze, according to Army Radio, including 36 Israel  Prison Service members, two police officers and a volunteer firefighter. Three people remained in critical condition at Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

Additional number for information for affected families: 08 977-5717

Hotline for immigrants living in the North who might be in need of assistance: 1255081010

Police ask all volunteers not to approach fire zones. Volunteers should call Lev Ehad on 02 675 5150 for instructions, or 02 675 5185

Yaakov Katz and Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this report.


  1. Oh, wait. This turned out to be complete shit given that they just arrested one of us (a Jew, SHOCK) for throwing away a nargila coal into the woods.

    But, you know, just carry on with your blind, bigoted racism. I know it's far too much fun at INN to bother with anyone else in this country who doesn't get their kicks out of beating up the Arabs.

  2. B"H

    You seem a little stressed out, Matan. This is probably due to your complete lack of accurate information. Please let me help you!

    First, in this post, I ask everyone to pray for the Druze community: (So sorry to mess up that "you are a racist" argument that you wanted to pin on me. I know it works when you leftists have nothing else to say, but it just won't work here.)

    Second, the 14 year-old Nargila-smoker from Usfiya, a DRUZE village, not a Jewish one.

    Lastly, the Druze kid's confession does nothing to explain away the four arabs (not Druze) who were arrested IN THE ACT of INTENTIONALLY starting fires during the catastrophe.

    So, the score stands at:

    Michelle 3
    Matan 0


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