Monday, September 27, 2010

By a Miracle, Pregnant Terrorist Victim Gives Birth to Healthy Son, Successfully Undergoes Surgery. Now, Israel, Go Get The Terrorists and Make Them Pay!!


The sickest part of this story is that terrorist groups would actually want to take credit for this barbarous act!  According to Arutz7, The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the military wing of Fatah, and the Al-Quds Squads of the Islamic Jihad have claimed joint responsibility.

I want Israel to react in such a way that no terrorist group would want to take credit for an attack.  I want Israel to come down on those two groups so hard and so fast that they all DENY any connection with any attack ever.  This is the only way attacks will stop.

This is the second pregnant woman to be attacked in Israel during this month, and, Thank G-d, this woman was able to get away, give birth, and be treated successfully for her injuries.  According to the lastest update, she underwent Orthopedic surgery and was considered in good condition.  Her baby, who came into this world by a miracle, is healthy and in his father's arms (B"H  May he grow in Torah and Mitzvoth from Brit to Bar Mitzvah to Chuppah!).

Now I will ask the obvious:  are these blood stained pigs of Satan (a.k.a. Islamic terrorists) targeting pregnant women?  It seems so.

Please, my dear Israel, don't just arrest, deter!


West Bank shooting victim gives birth to son
Palestinian terrorists open fire at vehicle traveling near Teneh Omarim Junction; pregnant woman and her husband sustain injuries, continue driving to Beersheba hospital, where woman gives birth
Ynet reporters,7340,L-3960282,00.html

An Israeli in her ninth month of pregnancy sustained moderate injuries Sunday night when Palestinian terrorists opened fire at the vehicle she was traveling in near the West Bank community of Teneh Omarim.

Another vehicle was damaged in the incident, but its passengers were unharmed.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, and al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed responsibility for the shooting attack.

In a statement issued, the groups said, "The attack was carried out to mark the 15th anniversary of the killing of the Islamic Jihad's founder Fathi Shaqaqi." However, in a conversation with Ynet, members of both organizations denied having any knowledge of the statement.

The incident, during which the woman's husband was lightly injured, occurred just a few hours before the settlement construction moratorium was due to expire . The couple is from the West Bank settlement of Teneh Omarim, which is just outside Mount Hebron.

Sharon Zucker at hospital with son (Photo: Ilana Curiel)

Thirty-five-year-old Netta Zucker and her husband Sharon, also 35, continued driving to the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba to seek medical attention.

Netta was taken in to the operating room for a Caesarian-section and gave birth to a son.

"A vehicle drove up in front of me; I heard gunshots and we were hit. I continued toward the Meitar checkpoint and informed police of the incident. We were never afraid to live in Teneh Omarim," said the husband.

Shai District Police said that at around 8:30 pm terrorists opened fire at the Israeli vehicle from a passing car as it was traveling along Highway 60, near the settlement of Tene Omarim.

Police said the terrorists' vehicle fled the scene and headed south.

Following the incident, Palestinians reported of clashes with IDF forces in the village of Dahariya, located near the site of the shooting attack.

Soldiers set up roadblocks at the entrance to the village and searched Palestinian homes.

The shooting attack was the third such incident in which Israelis were targeted in less than a month.

Yair Altman, Ali Waked, Hanan Greenberg and Ilana Curiel contributed to this report

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