Monday, March 5, 2012

May the Miracles of the Past be the Miracles of our Present!

On Purim we read about how the Jews were under threat of annihilation. They understood that this was serious, so they came together, fasted and prayed with all their hearts, and in a matter of only A FEW DAYS, they were SAVED! 


We all understand that as Jews we are constantly under threat of attack from our enemies...

The story of Purim is just as applicable today as it was then.  G-d's hand was hidden but it was there, waiting for us to call for it.

This Wednesday, we will all be fasting on Taanit Esther. 

We are ALL coming together just like in the days of Purim and WE DO have the power to uproot the decrees against us.

We must really believe that.

As a nation, we need to fast and pray with a real feeling of urgency, and we need to do so TOGETHER. 

This year, do not just fast and pray by yourself. Feel that you are part of an entire nation as you do so. Believe that we have the same power they did then.

Please share this message.   ITS IMPORTANT! 

With the speed of modern technology, maybe we can reach the whole Jewish nation before the fast, and WE CAN MERIT TO SEE MIRACLES.

It IS possible, and it's up to YOU.

Thank You.


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  1. ב"ה

    This time, we can decide on our own to attack the enemy -- we don't need Ahashverosh's signet ring. Will we do it? I don't know. (does that sound a bit Dr. Suess-ish??? -- will PM Bibi make it stop? I don't know, go ask your Pop... or -- will Bibi drop the bomb on them? I don't know, go ask Hashem)

    Sorry to wax poetic over such a serious subject. I guess, with inaction so rampant on our side, it's easier to laugh about it than to get upset over my inability to accomplish anything in this regard.....


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