Sunday, January 1, 2012

A FREE Technological Answer to On-Line Tsniut Issues

By Michelle Nevada, Israel Jewish News


Just a short post to tell you about something I have discovered that has been very beneficial to my on-line browsing experience and may be even more beneficial to those wishing to avoid the almost unavoidable as they are attempting to read articles on the internet:  advertisements featuring half-naked women.

The issue became very pertinent for me today as I tried to read a rabbi's column in an Israeli newspaper online, but the article was surrounded by and even embedded with advertisements for weight loss pills and diet plans featuring women in jogging bras and underwear showing off how much weight they have lost.

It may just be the algorithm for my specific computer that showed those advertisements (How do they know I need to lose a few pounds?).  However, if you don't want to deal with the issue at all, there is a free technological solution to the problem.

First you need to do a free sign up with a program called "Evernote."  This is a well-known program that helps make lists, keep information, and take notes on smartphones, tablets, and computers. (It's an amazing program, by the way.  I highly recommend its use!!)

Once you have Evernote, go to the Evernote site and download the browser add-on known as "Evernote Clearly."  

Once it is added to your browser (usually as a small button to the right that looks like a Pixar Lamp), you can go to any site on the internet, click on an article you want to read, hit the Evernote Clearly button, and POOF!  All the annoying and potentially non-Tsniut advertising is gone!  

You are left with an article by itself on the page--just you and the article without all the clutter.

If you are like me, you will be using it almost exclusively to read articles of interest.


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