Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Purim Poem

Just a little something to make you laugh today! No, I didn't "Pull this off the internet" as my son suggested this morning. I wrote it to tuck into the Mashlach Manot I put together at 5 a.m. this morning!


A Poem For Purim
by Michelle Nevada

We’ve set our clocks
To spring ahead
And pulled ourselves
From our nice warm bed.

The story is read
About Haman’s evil
And the heroic Jews
Facing great upheaval.

Of brave Mordechi,
Who never failed,
And good Queen Esther,
Her plans all veiled.

How much today
Is like the story then?
We think to ourselves
Again, and again.

We have the tyrants,
And thugs and thieves,
We blindly flounder,
While G-d Perceives.

We have our heros
We have our queens,
We lose and we win
And G-d intervenes.

So what is different
From today’s masquerade?
(Your wife will remind you!)
“We need a daily maid!!”


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