Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where's Bibi??? Has anyone seen or heard from him? Where did he go????


Just like during the Gush Katif expulsion, Bibi is suddenly unavailable. We can't find him! I can't believe it. The "great communicator" BiBi is AWOL, he is not to be found!

Where are his comments? What does he have to say about the Peace House?

Where is his "leadership" right now?

I didn't see him in any pictures in Hevron? I didn't see him in any pictures confronting Barak or Olmert or Livni. Did you?

Quick, everyone! Check your pockets! Is he there? Look behind the doors, in the drawers, in the kitchen, behind the stairs!

Yooo0000 Hoooooo . . . Bibi? Where are you???

Someone, somewhere, must know where Bibi is hiding and why he hasn't said a word, right?

I'm sure the great leader of the Likud isn't hiding out waiting for the next opionion poll before he makes a comment or waiting for the whole thing to blow over so that he doesn't have to say anything because he doesn't want to show that he really isn't a nationalist because he would lose his voter base. I'm sure he has been . . . uh . . . tied up? . . . locked in a closet? . . . suddenly ill?

Where was he during Gush Katif? Wasn't he in the bathroom or something?


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