Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IDF Has Green Light for Gaza, Livni Headed for Egypt


I understand that Livni is expected to visit Egypt, but I suspect Livni is planning to deliver plans for the Gaza invasion to the Egyptians so that they can prepare for the onslaught of people running to the border when the bombing begins. I have no belief, at all, that there will be a "compromise" for peace at all.

According to all reports, the IDF has the green light to proceed as needed in Gaza. I hope this isn't a half-war--one we can't win. All we need is another Lebanon.

I have a feeling that Livni is pinning her PM plans on this strike, so I'm sure she has let everyone know it better be good. If it is a resounding defeat of Hamas, she just might pull off the election. That's the bad news.

The good news is that Hamas might be handed their rear end on a platter. But don't make plans for a victory party just now. Remember that Hamas' good friends, Hezbollah, are standing there on the Northern border waiting to attack the Golan. With our guys busy in Gaza, they might decide it is a good time to strike.

I don't like the idea of war, but I think Israel is headed for one. May G-d protect every Israeli soldier and every person in Israel who wishes to defeat this terrorist threat.

Gaza clash impending – Israel air strikes versus Palestinian long-range missiles
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

December 24, 2008, 10:43 PM (GMT+02:00)

The fifty or so missiles and rockets Hamas sent crashing into Israel Wednesday, Dec. 24, along with dozens of mortar rounds, represent no more than a quarter of its capabilities, DEBKAfile's military sources report.

IDF officers calculate that the fundamentalist Palestinian group can shoot 200 missiles a day, on a par with Hizballah's barrage against Galilee in the 2006 Lebanon war, with devastating consequences in casualties and damage to property.

They can reach an area far broader than the strip taking hits from Gaza Wednesday which was delimited by Ashkelon to the north and Netivot to the east. Therefore an outer rim of 30 locations 30 km distant from the Palestinian enclave has now been connected to the Homeland Command's early warning system, including Kiryat Gath, Kiryat Malachi, the Lachish Region and Ashdod. Homeland Command operations units have been deployed there too, together with emergency medical, firefighting and rescue teams. Magen David Adom is on top terror preparedness with 200 ambulances on standby in southwestern Israel.

The Israeli security cabinet meeting Wednesday concluded that Israel would have to resort to military action to extinguish the escalating missile, mortar and rocket barrage from Gaza, which Wednesday left a trail of some 57 shock victims – half of them children - and wrecked homes, vehicles, shops, workshops and roads. The ministers took into account that Hamas would counter effective Israeli air strikes in Gaza by fielding its long-range missiles now believed to have a range of 42 km. This takes in the important Mediterranean port town of Ashdod and the outskirts of Beersheba.

The dilemma facing Israel's military command is this: Will Hamas if attacked immediately throw its long-range weapons into the fray against southern Israel, or rather build up the tempo of its short-range missiles in stages? They hope that, like the IDF, Hamas will exercise a measure of restraint and not lose sight of its goal, believed to be the renewal of the "ceasefire" which it formally terminated last Friday.

However, field officers in the South are less optimistic. They told DEBKAfile's sources that they don't believe half-wars are a practical option.

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni has been invited to meet Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak Thursday, Dec. 25, to discuss the Gaza crisis. Cairo has broken the embargo on the Gaza Strip by inviting any government wishing to send aid to the Palestinian population to send it via Egyptian territory.

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