Thursday, December 4, 2008

Violent Expulsion of Peace House. Barak Stomps On One Fire, But Only Spreads The Embers. Now Comes The Confligration.


First, the Yesha council has no authority over the Peace House or any other area in Judea and Samaria
(as Daniella said, once the Yesha Council cooperated with the Gush Katif expulsion, they lost their credibility) so, essentially, Barak had no expectation of anything coming from the discussion with the Yesha Council and he knew it. His meeting was all for the purpose of drama and nothing else. Anyone who knows the situation even a tiny bit knows that the whole thing was for the purpose of window-dressing.

The crazy leftists were bucking for a fight with the Peace House families, and they got it. They wanted blood, and they got it.

Unfortunately, what they don't seem to realize is that this house is not a house. It is a symbol. Taking the people from the house, especially in a violent manner, only makes this house and the people who were harmed in the house into martyrs for the cause of nationalism.

The government has not put out the flames, it has fanned them. Now, each small spark of nationalism that smoldered at the Peace House has blown into the winds of Israel to find a opportune place and an opportune time to burst into flame.

Watch as the entire countryside erupts. The scenes of this fight, the emotion of this fight, the pain of this fight are the very things that will push people over the edge. Barak thinks he has won, but he has lost in so many ways that we will be counting them every day, every hour for the next ten years.

First, he has lost control. He has lost confidence. He has lost alliances. He has lost face. He has lost trust. He has lost credibility. He has lost the election.

He cannot win this fight and he will not win this fight. He will only make the small situation in Hebron into a huge situation in Israel. And, while we are fighting each other, our enemies will stand on the side and throw rocks and rockets, applauding and cheering. Then they will attack.

Barak, congratulations! You have run a few hundred kids and a few dozen families into the cold. You have destroyed Morris Abraham's property (and don't think he won't sue you personally!). Now, you have a few moments to make your speeches and shake hands with Abbas and smile with Livni for pictures over the bleeding corpse of Israel.

Then . . . OH MY G-D.

I can't believe you don't see what you have done.


Gov't Talks in Morning, Evicts Violently in Afternoon
by Hillel Fendel

( Shortly before 3 PM, less than five hours after meeting with officials of the Yesha Council, and three hours after meeting with Rabbi Moshe Levinger, Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave the order to begin violently evicting the residents of the Peace House, Beit HaShalom.

Ten civilians have been evacuated to nearby hospitals, including one listed in moderate condition with head wounds. Ten others were also hurt. The residents were in the middle of eating lunch when the policemen burst in to throw them out.

A Channel Two reporter said, "It's impossible to ignore the Palestinians standing around and applauding as they watch these scenes."

Barak Wanted a Clash
MK Aryeh Eldad: "This is a corrupt political spin by a Defense Minister who is willing to risk people's lives for his own political career. He wanted a clash, and he wanted to build a political career on the backs of the settlers."

"To my sorrow," said Danny Dayan, head of the Yesha Council, Ehud Barak decided to cooperate with the hot-headed ones, and not with the calm ones. There are those who wanted a clash, and they got one."

"This is an act of deception and one that is totally irresponsible," Dayan said. "Apparently, when elections come along, all reason is thrown to the winds."

Scenes from outside Beit HaShalom were televised to the country, with a giant picture of Ehud Barak and Supreme Court Chief Justice headlined with the giant word "Robbers."

Channel Two reporter Sarah Beck announced that the Yassam policemen were seen to be without nametags, "a common practice in previous evacuations, in order to prevent the evacuees from suing them." By law, policemen must wear nametags.

Beck also said, "I must note that the police are preventing medics from reaching the wounded protestors. I have never seen this in the past."

The Path of Deception and Violence
Orit Strook, a spokesperson for the Hevron Jewish Community, similarly said that the matter could have been settled peacefully, "but Ehud Barak chose the path of deception and violence instead."

The forcible eviction took only about a half-hour, and policemen were soon in control of the roof and four floors of the building. Youths were soon seen trying to sneak back into the building, and others were reported to still be entrenched in the basement.

Students of Yeshivat Nir in Kiryat Arba tried to cross the valley and climb the hill to get to the building, but most of them were tear-gassed by the soldiers.

Sense of Fury at Betrayal
Hundreds of youths and protestors around the country responded to the perceived government betrayal and theft by blocking intersections and protesting. Police evacuated protestors from roads near Kiryat Arba and the Shomron, and clashes began in the afternoon between protestors and police in Jerusalem as well.

Six people have been arrested in the Jerusalem clashes.

Arabs Throwing Rocks, Police Doing Nothing
Hevron spokesman Noam Arnon said that ambulances were at first not permitted into the area to evacuate victims. He also said that just 100 meters from Peace House, "Arabs are throwing rocks with total abandon, with the police doing nothing to stop them."

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