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Traitorous Israeli Arabs Riot in Sympathy with Hamas. Now they show their true colors! Let's identify and deport them NOW.

Welcome Terrorist Sympathizers from Haloscan! I know you are here to see my treacherous Jewishness exposed, but as you will notice, I am speaking out against TERRORISTS, not "Palestinians." It is YOUR choice to believe they are one-in-the-same.

What does that say about YOU?

Enjoy! I haven't changed a thing in my post but this welcome. I have nothing to hide.

You, however, do.

I hope your homeland security services are watching your list. I'm sure they are! After all, it wasn't hard for me to find you.



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We must remember that we are at war.

The rules are different when one is at war, and we need to make that clear.

Right now, the road between Hevron and Gush Etzion is closed due to rock attacks by rioting arabs. Two children have been injured—one, a small baby injured by a rock thrown at the car, and a one-year-old who was hit by glass shards from a rock through a car window.

Also, many Arabs rioted in E. Jerusalem.

Hopefully, our leaders will see what kind of “friends” these arabs are who are inside Israel. Can you imagine giving half of Jerusalem to these barbarians? We would be fighting a war every week.

I suggest that any arab who is arrested in violent protests or in rock-throwing in sympathy with Hamas should have their Israeli citizenship revoked and be immediately deported to Gaza. Likewise, any "guest" from another country who is arrested in such a protest should also be forcibly escorted back to their native land and encouraged not to return, ever.

I am not suggesting that we deport people who are involved in civilized, non-violent protest. That should always be protected speech for any side of any conflict.

However, if the protesters are involved in violent behavior, trying to hurt our citizens and fight an internal war, start internal strife that saps our defense when we are threatened from the outside, then we should investigate their true allegiances. Are they truly Israeli citizens, who identify with Israel, and who love Israel, or are they simply our enemies, identifying with our foes, waiting for a chance to strike?

We have a hard enough time with our external enemies. We need to make sure that we eliminate, the enemies inside Israel.

I understand that troops have used live fire to disperse a violent rock-throwing mob in Naalin. It's about time we recognized this activity for what it is--a possible attempt to infiltrate Israel, an attempt to overburder our security forces, and a danger to our national security infrastructure.

Any violent protest, right now, needs to be taken very seriously and answered with commanding, if not deadly, force.


Mashaal Calls for 'Third Intifada,' Israeli Arabs Declare Strike
by Gil Ronen

( Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal called Saturday night for a "third intifada" against Israel, speaking from Damascus following the IAF attack on Gaza earlier in the day.

According to Channel 2's Arab affairs correspondent, the strategy of the terrorist group is to ignite rioting in Judea and Samaria as well as inside Israel, with the aid of the Islamic Movement.

MK Yitzchak Aharonovich (Yisrael Beiteinu, "Israel Our Home"), a former Deputy Commissioner of the Israel Police, said Saturday evening that "the Israeli nation has a new opportunity to find out on which side the leadership of Israel's Arabs rests and to whom they owe their allegiance. The police must react with an iron fist against any kind of provocation on their part," he added.

Aharonovich was joined by his colleague at Yisrael Beiteinu, Dr. Uzi Landau, a former Minister of Public Security, who called upon the Israel Police to "immediately dismantle the mourners' tent put up in Jaffa by Arabs in identification with Hamas, and prepare to… prevent such provocations in the future."

Police are preparing for the possibility of extensive rioting in northern Israel.

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, an umbrella group of Arab organizations, declared a national strike in the Arab sector beginning Sunday morning.

Hundreds of Arabs who are Israeli citizens rioted in response to the IDF's operation in Gaza on Saturday.

Arabs in Yafo (Jaffa) hurled rocks at an Egged bus. The bus was not carrying passengers at the time. Arab residents in eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods threw rocks at police.

Also in eastern Jerusalem, hundreds of Arabs attacked Israel Police and Border Police forces with rocks at the entrance to the Shuafat neighborhood. In a separate incident, several dozen Arab youths from eastern Jerusalem set alight garbage bins on Salah a-Din Street and were dispersed by police. No one was hurt and one suspect was arrested.

An Arab attempted to run over an Israeli policeman near the Old City of Jerusalem Saturday night. He hit the officer and injured him lightly in the leg. The driver was apprehended and is being questioned.

In the Muslim quarter, Arabs threw rocks at Border Police. Police officers arrested four people.

Calls to block Route 65
According to Ynet, hundreds of members of the radical Arab Ibna Al-Balad movement demonstrated in the northern Arab city of Umm El Fahm and chanted a call for the "redemption" of Gaza "with blood and fire." Another demonstration took place nearby in the Kara Junction.

Arab members of the communist Hadash movement also demonstrated in Umm El-Fahm and Nazareth. In the mosques, speakers called for residents to seal off Route 65 which passes through the largely Arab Wadi Ara area, near Megiddo. Dozens of supporters of the Arab Ra'am-Ta'al party, which is headed by MK Ahmed Tibi, demonstrated against the operation in the northern town of Sakhnin.

Arab leaders in Israel called the IDF attack on Gaza a "war crime."

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