Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Israel's Justice Ministry Servers Burn . . . Just After Olmert's 10th Questioning . . .


OK, let's just entertain, for a moment, that EVERYTHING HAS BEEN LOST. That means that we don't have any information about past convictions, we don't have any witness lists, we don't have any information about which prisoners are where or how long they have served. We don't even know who they are!

We don't know which judges said what about who. We don't know people's sentences. We don't know anything.

Does this mean we must empty Israel's Jails?

I wonder if this has a direct connection to Olmert's case. I wonder if it has a direct connection to the request by the PA that Israel release PA security prisoners in exchange for progress on Gilad Shalit. I wonder if it has a direct connection to the fact that the Judges don't want to reform their system.

But, wondering aside--this is a very serious situation. I certainly hope that they backed up their system into an offsite location. One would think so . . . but then again, we are talking about Israel--the land of "if you don't give me enough money to do it, it certainly won't ever be done."

What if this is an inside job? What if this is an outside job?

Wow. Oh. Wow.

I wonder how quick the censors will put a lid on this story. Will we hear one more word about it?


Justice Ministry Servers Burn Down

( A large fire that broke out in the Ministry of Justice Monday night has caused extensive damage to the ministry's basement, where its computer and internet servers are stored.

The servers that burned down provide services to the public but also hold information on active cases like the ones against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former President Moshe Katzav.

According to News1 the Justice Ministry "hopes" that there were backups for the information stored.

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