Monday, November 10, 2008

BiBi Cares Deeply For BiBi. BiBi Loves BiBi. BiBi Would Sell His Own Mother to Be PM Again, But She Isn't Here, So He Will Sell Israel Instead . . .


Why did anyone think that BiBi would change his stripes and immediately become a man of integrity? BiBi’s only allegiance is to BiBi—the PM of Israel just happens to be the best way to accomplish the best and brightest future of BiBi. Lucky us, right?

If you thought Shas were a bunch of weenies, you have forgotten BiBi of the past (and BiBi of the future, no doubt.) He is the one who shook the hand of a killer, and made an agreement that lead to the intifada! Obama is already poised to replay Carter and Clinton's Mistakes with the help of recycled Carter and Clinton advisors--and now we are heading toward BiBi being back in the same spot he was then.

Please, if you don't remember anything else, remember who BiBi was and what BiBi has done. Remember? He is the one who didn't show up to vote against the Gaza withdrawal until the last minute, never said anything against it, then, after Gaza had been turned into a Terrorist Training Camp, a Kassam launching pad, and the former residents reduced to unemployed homeless people, BiBi tried to use the whole debacle to raise himself up politically. He didn't care about the people of Gush Katif when it happened, and he doesn't care about them now. He cares only about his political aspirations.

He will likely manufacture a crisis which destroys even more Israeli lives, just so that he can complain about it when elections come around in order to get more votes. But the voters love him because he speaks such nice English and he looks good in a suit! Too bad they can't see how disingenuous he is, how cowardly, how conniving.

We need a strong leader who will not bow his head to the foreign invaders, the terrorists, and the destroyers of Israel. We need a statesman and a patriot, not a politician who cares more for his own aggrandizement than he does for the people of Israel, for the land of Israel, and for the future of the Jewish people.

BiBi is clearly not that person.

May Hashm grant us a true leader before all is lost!

Last update - 13:50 10/11/2008
Netanyahu: If elected, I'll continue peace talks
By News Agencies
Tags: israel news, peace process

Opposition leader and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that if he were to be elected prime minister in the coming elections, he would continue political peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

Polls currently place Netanyahu's conservative Likud party and Foreign
Minister Tzipi Livni's centrist Kadima neck and neck ahead of February

Netanyahu's office has said peace talks launched last year by U.S. President George W. Bush have failed to make headway, and he has signaled he would cut off the negotiations if elected.

But after meeting with international peace envoy Tony Blair in Jerusalem
Monday, Netanyahu said he would move political negotiations forward if he wins the election.

The meeting came a day after Israeli, Palestinian and international
negotiators pledged to continue the talks after Bush leaves office early next year.

During the talks on Sunday, Israel and the Palestinian Authority presented the Quartet for Mideast peace with several agreements on the way negotiations will proceed next year on the conflict's core issues.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas updated the Quartet at Sharm el-Sheikh stressed "the need for continuous, uninterrupted, direct bilateral negotiations."

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