Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Government Goons Continue Their Pogroms Against Jews, Mass to Destroy Hevron, Arrest Mrs. Federman,


Mazuz is a fool, worse than a fool--a stooge. He is posed to make an "example" of Jews who dare to love the land of Israel and to follow their Judaism.

First, they destroy the home of the Federmans--throwing their children into the cold with nothing but the clothes on their back in the middle of the night with no time to pack or prepare. Now they arrest Mrs. Federman for "pushing" a member of the goon squad. Poor goon! I am sure he was emotionally harmed by this callous act on the part of a woman who was being thrown from her home in the middle of the night. I'm sure he will have nightmares about this "pushing" incident. (May Hashm insure that he never has a pleasant night's sleep for the rest of his life! )

We need to keep up the pressure against this illegal activity posing as "government action," and we need to name it for what it is: INCITEMENT AGAINST THE JEWS.

All who can travel to Hevron need to be there now. All who cannot travel should contact the MKs about this action and speak up.

Use this link to find MKs to e-mail and fax and tell them to protect Jews on Jewish land--especially Hevron.


Hevron Jews Still on Alert for Destruction
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) An emergency meeting was held in Beit HaShalom (Peace House) in Hevron late Monday night, in light of reports that government forces were planning an imminent destruction of the Jewish presence in the building.

Participating in the meeting were members of the Kiryat Arba municipality, the Hevron Jewish Community, veteran activists of Gush Emunim and from Judea/Samaria (Yesha), and others. The four-story building is located in Hevron, along the road that Jews of Kiryat Arba walk in order to reach the Cave of the Patriarchs. Nearly 20 families have lived there for a year and a half.

It was decided at the meeting to work on several planes to prevent the Jewish building from being taken out of Jewish hands. For one thing, intensive pressure has been is being exerted on Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who is believed to have given the order to expel the Jews.

Knesset Members ask Mazuz for Basic Justice
To this end, some 50 Knesset Members have signed an urgent letter to Mazuz, urging him to respect basic justice and allow the Jews to have their day in court. Though a lower court ordered the Jews out of the building last week, the Jewish purchasers have since submitted a tape recording of the Arab seller admitting, in a friendly conversation with a friend of his, that he had sold the building to Jews.

The new evidence – considered “absolutely conclusive” by the Hevron Jewish Community - was submitted to the Supreme Court, which has not yet ruled on it. Thus, the ruling to evict the Jews – which is based on a question raised by the lower court judges over whether the seller had retained rights in the building – is still, technically, in force.

The MKs’ letter to Mazuz asks him to reconsider the eviction orders issued against Peace House in light of the new evidence. “As public representatives,” the letter states, “we feel that the new cassette strengthens the disturbing question marks surrounding the eviction order. It appears that the residents/owners have weighty proof of their claims, yet are prevented from using it… The lower court ruling means that the residents/owners may find themselves outside the building that was purchased at great cost for the entire duration of the judicial investigation, which is liable to take years.”

"Sense of Discrimination and Injustice"
“A heavy sense of blatant discrimination and injustice accompanies this entire case. Continuing along this path is liable to harm very significantly the public trust in the judicial system.”

The participants at the urgent meeting on Monday night also resolved to keep a large, permanent presence of many Jews in the building, in the hope that this will deter the forces from attempting an expulsion.

Wanted: Students and Others
The Women in Green organization has announced, “Whoever can come, even for a few hours, is asked to do so. Contact the rabbis and teachers and principals of your children's schools and urge them to send classes to Beit HaShalom. Have your synagogues conduct its classes at Beit HaShalom.”

Another grassroots organization, Cities of Israel, says that MKs should be contacted to have them pressure the relevant authorities, and Mazuz’s office should be “bombarded with faxes [02 [or 9722, from outside Israel] 646-7001], phone calls [646-6521/2], and emails [menim@justice.gov.il].”

Mrs. Federman Arrested
In other Hevron news: Elisheva Federman, whose Kiryat Arba home was destroyed without warning ten days ago by Israeli security forces because of its unauthorized nature, was arrested on Tuesday. She was reportedly charged with pushing a special Yassam riot police officer who was engaged in destroying her home and throwing her children out in the middle of the night. Her husband, activist Noam Federman, had been arrested the night of the destruction, and was released the next night.

Rabbi Yaakov Visits and Weeps
Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, son of former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, visited the ruins of the Federman-Tor homestead on Tuesday, and said that those who took part in its destruction “has no place in the World to Come."

"It is difficult for me to see this,” Rabbi Yosef said. “I know that I will weep for an entire week now, after seeing the destruction and the atrocity that police caused a Jewish family in the Land of Israel.”

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