Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Pogrom Planned as Police Begin Massing to Evict Jews from Hevron Home


If the government comes in and forcibly evicts Jews from a house which is "questionable" in its ownership when the police will not forcibly evict arabs from a house in Jerusalem that has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be owned by a Jew, then we are in for some interesting legal problems in Israel.

Didn't the police just say that they didn't have the manpower to evict the arabs from the Jerusalem house, yet, here they are, marshaling an army against Jews? You had better believe they wouldn't be doing this if there wasn't some serious political payout to be gained.

Olmert and Livni are trying to do whatever they can to incite the Jews of Judea, Samaria, and the Golan to act against the government in order to bolster them politically with the left in the next elections. They are trying to paint the right as dangerous and extreme. The truth is that the Olmert/Livni/Abbas government coalition is the dangerous group. They are trying to destroy Israel by giving strategic land to our enemies, sever the religious ties to our own land, and destroy our most patriotic citizens in order to gain some votes from self-hating secular Israelis who would rather pray to the god of commerce and the EU in a Burka than pray to Hashm with freedom.

I am so disgusted that EVEN I am having trouble finding words suitable for the type of skulduggerly that the Olmert/Livni/Abbas government is capable of foisting upon the Israeli public. They are intent upon recreating the USSR in Israel for "our own good," I'm sure.

They are destroying my homeland, giving away my land and the land of my children and my grandchildren, and they are destroying the lives of innocent Jews.

Why are they still in office? Why haven't we pulled them from the Knesset chairs and booted them out? Why are we under the boot of a tyrant who will not give up his office until he is sure that every Jew who is religious and loves Israel must live in fear for themselves and their children?

I know that "incitement" is reserved only to paint the right wing, but it is clear to me that the government is engaged in a clear campaign of incitement against her own citizens. This is dispicable, unethical, immoral, and will, I'm sure create a lot more problems and complications than these self-consumed puffballs of putrid political pandering can even imagine.

They are playing with people's lives here. They are playing with the lives of those who live in the home, with those who will protest, with those who will be ordered to put down the protest, and with those who will be called to save those who have been harmed.

Shame on you, Olmert. Shame on you, Livni. Shame on you any MK who doesn't raise their voice in objection to this Pogrom!

Expulsion in Hevron Feared; Jews Gather
by Hillel Fendel

( Forces are said to be on their way to carry out a violent eviction of Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria - the second such action today.

Urgent text messages, emails and phone calls have been sent over the past hour, asking people to come to Hevron to help thwart a possible planned eviction from Beit HaShalom (Peace House) in the City of the Patriarchs.

Hundreds of people are already there - and the word in and around the building is that the expulsion will take place sometime during the night. Reports of suspicious military and police activity in the area were noted throughout the day, and "a feeling of eviction is in the air," in the words of one Hevron spokesman.

The large, four-story building was purchased by Jews from its original Arab owner several years ago, and nearly 20 Jewish families have been living there for a year and a half. However, Arabs have protested the sale, and the Jewish presence in the building has been frozen. The occupants are not permitted to install electricity, for instance.

Last week, the case come to two dramatic heads. First, a court ruled that because of a doubt as to whether the owner retained certain rights, the Jewish families had until noon the next day to leave on their own. Hours afterwards, the Jewish families presented a tape recording of the seller telling his friend, under no duress at all, that he had sold the building to Jews.

The tape was submitted to the Supreme Court as absolute evidence that, it was felt, would turn the case upside down and prove that the building had been sold as claimed.

To the disappointment of the Jewish side, the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the new evidence.

Elements in the Jewish Community of Hevron fear that the police, having been tipped off that the Court may hand down an anti-Jewish ruling at any moment, have begun preparing for a forcible eviction.

David Wilder, English spokesman for the Hevron Jewish Community, told IsraelNationalNews from the site, "The building is ours, and any attempt to throw us out is immoral and illegal. It is the result of the wild incitement against the Jews of Judea and Samaria, especially as heard in the government's Cabinet meeting of yesterday, and in the media as well. But we will continue to buy property here whenever we have the chance, and, to put it simply: We will not give up!"

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