Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ramon's Answer to Terrorist Attack? Divide Jerusalem and Give Arabs our Land!


Q: How many ways can Hiam Ramon prove he is a complete idiot?

A: There are infinite ways to be a complete idiot.

Q: How many Knesset lemmings does it take to approve anything Ramon says?

A: How much money is available? (It has nothing to do with security, trust me.)

OK, let’s follow Ramon's logic for a moment. A terrorist steals a large land mover and attacks citizens in the street, killing 3 and wounding more than 40. In answer to that tragic terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Ramon believes we should “fence off east Jerusalem.” This would gift a large swath of Jerusalem to the arabs, as they have wanted all along. Of course, Ramon argues, this will prevent terror from spreading.

At least he is consistent.

In answer to attacks in Gaza, we fenced off Gush Katif and gifted it to the arabs. Now we are so much safer, right?

And now, in answer to attacks in Judea and Samaria, and in the North and the South, Ramon would also like to fence off and gift that land to murderous arab terrorist factions so that they can radicalize even more, and attack more of Israel (which, in turn, Ramon will also gift to them).

This is completely contrary to any sane idea of dealing with terrorist attacks! What is he thinking??? (How much money is he getting, and from whom?)

The answer to this problem is “relocating” the arabs the same way they “relocated” the Jews of Gush Katif, the way they are trying to “relocate” the Jews of Samaria and Judea, and the way they are thinking of “relocating” the Jews of Sedrot.

Instead of “relocating” Jews, lets “relocate” the arabs of the Old City, Suwaneh At-Tur, Seikh Jarah Wadi, Joz, Issawiya, and Ras Al-Amud Abu Torto their homeland: Jordan.

Last update - 12:40 03/07/2008
Vice Premier: Parts of East Jerusalem should be severed from capital
By Haaretz Service

Vice Premier Haim Ramon (Kadima) told Army Radio on Thursday morning that Israel should treat the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Jabel Mukaber and Zur Baher as Palestinian villages, and revoke the permanent residency status of their residents.

Ramon spoke the day after a resident of Zur Baher took a bulldozer on a rampage in downtown Jerusalem, ramming into a bus, cars and pedestrians, killing three and wounding dozens.

In March, a resident of Jabel Mukaber gunned down eight people at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem. In the aftermath of both attacks, Ramon called for the two neighborhoods to be entirely cut off from Jerusalem.

"One of the main reasons that the attack was carried out yesterday with such ease was because there are Palestinian villages that for some reason are called Jerusalem - Jabel Mukaber and Zur Baher. They need to be treated as we treat Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus," Ramon told Army Radio.

"These are Palestinian villages that were never part of Jerusalem, they were annexed to the city in 1967. No Israeli has ever been there, and doesn't go near there," Ramon added, continuing, "If the separation fence was west of the two villages, which we all call Jerusalem, it would have been a lot harder to carry out these kinds of attacks. It's forbidden for [residents of the neighborhoods] to have Israeli identification cards. How many more Israelis will have to pay with their lives until this is carried out?"

Ramon also told Army Radio that he felt, as opposed to the prime minister and his fellow ministers, that demolishing the home of the terrorist's family would not prevent the next terror attack. However, he said that the house should be demolished anyway, if the law allows it.

"I doubt that demolishing the house will achieve what it aims to achieve, though if possible, the house must be razed. The laws must be made to fit the policy and we mustn't give up," Ramon said. "What we are allowed to do, we must do as soon as possible."

The attorney general was set to meet with representatives of the defense establishment on Thursday to discuss the legality of demolishing the home of the perpetrator of Wednesday's killing spree. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called for the home to be razed, and Defense Minister Ehud Barak echoed this sentiment. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski also voiced support for the move.

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