Friday, July 18, 2008

East Jerusalem Al-Qaida/Al-Aksa (There's a Difference?) Arabs Arrested (Until the Next "Prisoner Exchange") for Attempting To Assasinate Bush


Oh, yeah. We REALLY want to give some land in East Jerusalem to the Arabs. That would just be sweet, wouldn't it?

After all, they could just come on over whenever they wanted to smoke Hooka with us, or have a cup of coffee, right? That's all they want. They just want to love us and be our really good friends . . . right up to the minute that they hold a knife to our throat.

Look, I don't care who wants us to give land to these murderers, thugs, terrorists, and assassins. I don't care if I we have to spit in Condi's face or duck-tape Olmert to a chair. We cannot give one grain of sand, not one molecule of air, not one drop of water, not one speck of soil to these disgusting terrorists.

No one is safe as long as they breathe air.

These guys don't care that they have been arrested. They won't care if they are convicted. They know that as soon as Israel wants the dead body of some hapless tourist or some injured soldier that they have kidnapped, they will breathe the air of freedom.

Do you think justice means anything now? It is a joke. Did any of you see Adam Sandler's movie? (Yes, I know it is disgusting and overly sexual, but the premise, that there is no reason to fight terrorists that the government will release tomorrow is now a running joke, people!).

Olmert continues in office even though he is a criminal. He knows there is no justice. He doesn't fear an Israeli court that is so biased and so political that only the heros of Israel are incarcerated and demeaned--the Halamish brothers; young girls who build settlements, Daniel Pinner--these are the only ones who suffer in prison while those who should be in jail are released.

So, file these names away in the front of the filing cabinet. You will see them again soon when the next "prisoner exchange" (terrorist release) is announced.


Jul 18, 2008 11:04 | Updated Jul 18, 2008 11:23

6 Israeli Arabs arrested on suspicion of planning to kill Bush

Four Israeli Arabs from east Jerusalem and two from Nazareth have been indicted for allegedly setting up an Al-Qaida cell in the capital and offering their services to Global Jihad elements in an attempt to assassinate US President George W. Bush during his visit to Israel in May, security officials announced Friday.

The group, arrested in a joint Shin Bet-Israel Police investigation, includes two Hebrew University students, one of whom lived in the university dormitories with a view of the helicopter landing pad.

Using a camera, the students filmed helicopters taking off and landing and made contact via the Internet with Al-Qaida elements to discuss bombing one of Bush's helicopters on his visit for Israeli Independence Day.

The six were identified as, Ibrahim Na'ashaf, 22, from Taiba - a physics and computer science student at Hebrew University; Muhammad Najam, 24, from Nazareth - a chemistry student at the university; Yousef Sumarin, 21, from Beit Hanina; Anas Shwayke, 21, from Jebl Mukaber; Kamal Abu Kweidar, 22, from Jerusalem's Old City; and Ahmad Shwayke, 21, from Shuafat.

According to security officials, the six created a closed religious terror cell and contacted different Al-Qaida and Global Jihad elements over the Internet.

They were also active in the Temple Mount's Al-Aksa Mosque as well as throughout east Jerusalem.

Investigators found bomb-making instructions on the personal computers of several of the suspects.

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