Wednesday, September 19, 2007

UN Sec.-Gen. 'Very Concerned' by Gov't Decision on Gaza


What is unacceptable, Mr. United Nations, is that we are supposed to provide the enemy with basic components to keep their evil enterprise going while they attack us.

Without electricity and water, the general population will take it into their own hands to stop the terrorist actions against Israel. The responsibility for civilian deaths from any action Israel takes to cut off power and water is on the shoulders of the Hamas Terrorists, not on the shoulders of Israel.

Look, the UN hates Israel no matter what, so why don’t we just do what we want? If we try to please the UN, the UN hates us; if we ignore the UN, the UN hates us. What is the difference?? It’s not like you are going to do anything for Israel anyway.

We have given plenty of warning and we have been more than patient. It isn’t like the problem just happened. It is ongoing, and I didn’t see the UN taking any interest until now.

Dead Jews are OK for the UN. Dead terrorists is a tragedy.


( "I am very concerned at the decision taken today by the Israeli government to declare the Gaza Strip an 'enemy entity' and its announced intent to interrupt essential services such as electricity and fuel to the civilian population," United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said Wednesday. "Such a step would be contrary to Israel's obligations towards the civilian population under international humanitarian and human rights law," he said.

Ki-Moon went on to say that "the United Nations has broad humanitarian responsibilities and is mandated to provide assistance to and meet the humanitarian needs of the civilian population of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. There are 1.4 million people in Gaza, including the old, the young and the sick, who are already suffering from the impact of prolonged closure. They should not be punished for the unacceptable actions of militants and extremists. I call for Israel to reconsider this decision."

"The continued indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza into Israel is unacceptable and I deplore it," he added. "I call for it to stop immediately. I understand Israel's security concerns over this matter."

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