Monday, September 17, 2007

El Al prices continue to climb


I want to know why it costs so much for me to travel to Israel, when Europe is just as far and far cheaper.

Israeli airline to raise prices next week, other airlines expected to follow suit,7340,L-3450147,00.html
Arie Egozi
Published: 09.17.07, 09:28 / Israel Money

Israeli’s national airline, El Al, will raise prices by $5-$16 per flight starting September 23 due to the steady climb of jet fuel costs.

The constant increase in jet fuel prices hit an all time high last week, reaching $80.04 per barrel. Other airlines – Israeli and otherwise – are expected to follow suit and raise prices accordingly.

Come next week, a flight to a nearby destination, such as Turkey or Greece, will cost passengers $5 more. Flights to slightly farther off destinations, such as London or Paris, will be increased by $9. Passengers wishing to travel as far as the United States or the Far East will be expected to pay $16 more for their ticket.

El Al last raised prices in July, also due to the increase of jet fuel costs.

Rami Levi, VP of sales at El Al, said Sunday that the cost of jet fuel was expected to remain high. “Fuel is an airlines main production output, so we are obliged to raise prices accordingly,” Levi explained.

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