Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Peres Can't Understand Why Arabs Attack Jews


Peres, like his cronies, fails to see that baseless hatred exists in the world, that no matter what one does to “appease” the arabs, they will still hate us (probably hate us more), and that the only thing we can do is make sure they have no base upon which to launch their weapons against us.

Reason does not enter into the equation, and it never will. Hamas will probably be quite successful with their hate-filled rhetoric. What need do they have for reason?

Those who hate us without reason are known as “Amelek.” We are commanded to fight them until the end of days, and if we don’t, we may be destroyed.

Pick up a Torah, Peres!!


( Responding to the Kassam rocket attack on an army base north of Gaza early Tuesday morning, President Shimon Peres told reporters, "It makes no sense why they would continue to shoot at us despite the fact that we disengaged from the Gaza Strip."

He also stated in a British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) television interview that Hamas will be a thing of the past. "In the long term there won't be Hamas. There is no long-term for Hamas. They lack reason."

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