Thursday, September 6, 2007

Balad MK travels to Syria unauthorized


The problem is that Syria is an enemy of Israel, not of Israeli arabs. For this reason, and this reason alone, we should not have arabs in the government. Their allegiance is clearly not to Israel, and therefore, they are enemy agents and that is that.

Sack him, arrest him, and ban his party.

Surely these arabs are much more dangerous to Israel, and have done much more to harm Israel, than Rabbi Kahane and the Kach party ever did--but Israel didnt' hesitate to ban Kach and label his followers "terrorists."

Why do they hesitate now to ban these arabs and call them terrorists??

Sep 6, 2007 13:29 | Updated Sep 6, 2007 13:29

MK Sa'id Nafa of Balad embarked on a visit to Syria on Thursday, despite Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit's refusal to authorize the trip.

Nafa - the attorney who replaced former MK Azmi Bishara in Balad after the latter resigned amid accusations of espionage - was part of a 330-member religious Druse delegation visiting holy sites in Syria.

According to Nafa, the trip was meant to maintain contact between Druse in Syria and in Israel, as well as between Syrian and Israeli Arabs.

However, Sheetrit recently told Nafa that he would not permit the delegation to go to Syria due to security concerns.

Israeli citizens are prohibited by law to travel to Syria and other enemy countries.

Last year, Balad MKs Bishara, Wasal Taha and Jamal Zahalka, along with former MKs Muhammad Miari and Muhammad Kanan, were investigated for a trip they made to Lebanon and Syria not long after the Second Lebanon War.

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