Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lieberman: No Such Thing as 'Illegal Outpost'


Great comment, but he failed to mention the most important issue: How can Jews build illegally in their own land?????? It’s ours!! It’s ours!!

It was given to us by Hashm, and re-established in the miracle of the 6-day war. Most of the land that these homes are built upon is also LEGALLY OWNED, PRIVATE LAND.

The “palestinians” are not even a real people—they are a political organization established by a former Nazi collaborator (and infamous homosexual pedophile) named Arafat. The arabs who call themselves “palestinians” never belonged in Israel, they never had an “ancient presence” in Israel, and they don’t deserve to be in Israel now. They don’t want their own country, they want our country.

“Palestinian” was a name given to JEWS by the Romans as an insult. It never referred to any arabs, but it was appropriated by Arafat to try to establish some sort of fake history in order to destroy Jewish presence on Jewish land by swaying empty-headed unwashed secularist idealists and ignorant college students that there was some sort of conspiracy against the “poor palestinians” being somehow “oppressed” by Jews.

Those arabs are oppressed by arabs—Arabs refused to allow “palestinians” to leave the “refugee camps,” Arabs failed to provide the “palestinians” with any support or aid (those billions Arafat had when he died didn’t accumulate from Araft’s generous ways), and Arabs excluded “palestinians” from immigrating to any arab lands (including Jordan, where they were supposed to have their homeland). The “palestinians” are despised by their own people as the lowest of the low, and just a whole lot of terrorist trouble (if you don’t believe me, check out the well-buried stories in the newspapers about the Lebanese and the “palestinian refugee camps” from the latest month.

Arabs are plenty-well adept at discriminating and oppressing the “palestinians.” They don’t need any help from us at all—but we are a convenient scape goat for their whining and moaning.


( Minister of Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that he objects to the demolition of any of the outposts in Judea and Samaria and does not see any of them as illegal.

"I do not accept the claim that these are illegal outposts," he said in a meeting of the Ministerial Committee for Outposts. "Everything was carried out with the permission of the government, which was involved in the outposts' establishment, and therefore they are legal," he said.

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