Monday, September 17, 2007

Son of Shas MK arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering


I feel so bad for the parents when something like this happens. They want to react as parents should, to protect their children, but then they are subject to political fallout and public embarrassment.

My heart goes out to this family.

Amnon Cohen's son suspected of belonging to gang that broke into dozens of north Tel Aviv homes,7340,L-3450179,00.html
Buki Naeh
Published: 09.17.07, 10:19 / Israel News

The son of Knesset Member Amnon Cohen of Shas was arrested over the Rosh Hashana holiday for suspicion of breaking into dozens of homes in Tel Aviv, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Monday.

Eli Cohen, 26, was suspected of similar offenses in the past but was never indicted.

Police intelligence reports claimed that Cohen, a resident of Ramla, belonged to a gang of four burglars that broke into dozens of apartments in north Tel Aviv.

Last week, Civil Guard volunteers in the neighborhood of Tzahala spotted a Mazda apparently used by the burglars as a getaway car; the volunteers called on the passengers to stop, but they sped away.

Police officers dispatched to the scene chased after the vehicle, which eventually crashed into one of the squad cars. The three suspects that were arrested were identified as: Eli Cohen, Roni Ziton and Moshe Alter. The fourth suspect escaped on foot. A search of the car found tools used to break into homes.

The three suspects have been put under house arrest.

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