Thursday, June 17, 2010

Turkey Bans Israel Fly-Overs, Israel Declares IHH Terrorist Organization


Very interesting!  It is funny how all we hear is the "Israel Eases Blockade" BS when this much more interesting and scary information is not reported.

I like that Jerusalem declared the IHH terrorists.  I am waiting to hear that the US is also accepting that definition.

Turkey is turning into a royal pain in the ass.  I hope Erdogan loses the next election before Turkey becomes the next Iran, but I doubt Erdogan will allow elections to proceed.

He has been making plans for months now in order to declare himself dictator of Turkey.  He has arrested secular leaders, especially military leaders, and let's not even mention the stories-high picture of him (very Stalinesque).  

I am sure he has some good buddies lined up to block the streets with tanks and shut Turkey down once he announces his real intentions to make Turkey a full Islamic State and declare Shariah.

He can attack Israel from Turkey and from Cypress.  Very scary--especially now that Greece is crippled and can't do much to help.


Turkey closes airspace to Israel Air Force, Jerusalem declares IHH terrorists
June 17, 2010, 11:32 AM (GMT+02:00)

Turkey launched a plan Wednesday night (June 16) to campaign on all fronts for a worldwide boycott of Israel  and decided to introduce sanctions leading to the severance of bilateral relations. Its pretext was the absence of a formal apology from Jerusalem for the naval commando raid on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara ("Blue Marmara"), which left 8 activists dead, and its rejection of an international inquiry of the incident.

In Washington, early Thursday morning (June 17), Democratic and Republican members of Congress announced at a press conference that there would be price to pay if Ankara continued its hate campaign against Israel and tight ties with Tehran.

Rep. Mike Pence, the third-highest ranking Republican, said: "There will be a cost if Turkey stays on its present heading of growing closer to Iran and more antagonistic to the state of Israel."Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel called Turkey's actions "disgraceful."

debkafile's sources in Washington note that while the House and the Senate are getting ready for an active response against Turkey for its deteriorating relations with Israel, the Obama administration is standing still, possibly tied down by friendship with the two contestants in Jerusalem and Ankara. The president may also be influenced by some of his closest aides, who are sympathetic to the policies pursued by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and support his aspirations in the Middle East and in the Muslim world.

The most prominent member of the pro-Erdogan faction ion the White House is the president's personal adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, who does not share the conviction that the Turkish aid society,  the IHH, is in fact a terrorist organization, as Israel declared Thursday, June 17 - although more than one European terrorist expert is of that opinion.

The way this declaration was aired by the Netanyahu government was harshly criticized by Israel's security and intelligence sources as too hesitant and uncertain to attract notice, debkafile's sources in Jerusalem report. It was not sourced to any defense ministry official and only appeared in a low spot on a local Channel 2 TV news bulletin.

"If Israel accuses an organization of terrorism, it should do so loud and clear," they said. "We must offer the kind of proof that reverberates strongly around the world. Instead, the information was released almost by stealth and therefore ignored by the international media."

In fact, debkafile's  intelligence and counter-terror sources stress the inconspicuous news item was pretty sensational. By listing as terrorists the IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi), a key component of Erdogan's pro-Islamic AKK government's  support system, Israel henceforth defines the group as a target for Israel's covert and military operations and exposes its leaders to retaliation for continuing violence against Israel and its interests.

IHH activists were responsible for the violence aboard the Turkish ship leading the blockade-busting flotilla on May 31. Wednesday, IHH headquarters in Istanbul scheduled the launch of an even bigger flotilla for Gaza some time in July. Its new designation empowers Israel's covert agencies and navy to go for its members and ships - at sea and in Turkish ports. [MORE]

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