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US school ordered to halt Hebrew classes


I challenge the school board to find any school in their district that doesn’t promote religion. My kids were told to weave Easter baskets, make ornaments for Xmas trees, and taught Xmas Carols as part of the regular instruction in Public US Schools.

When I complained, I was told these were “secular” activities!

In addition, any foreign language classes contained “cultural elements” like the religion, customs, traditions, and history of the country—usually containing religious terminology indigenous to that foreign country (i.e. Christianity—Catholicism for Spanish Classes, Protestantism for German classes, Mythology and Orthodox Catholic beliefs in Greek classes, etc.)

Teaching Hebrew without including any religious terminology or cultural elements seems like a “whitewash” of the language—and in lieu of the way that other foreign languages are taught—downright discrimination against the Hebrew School.

Aug 24, 2007 18:18 | Updated Aug 24, 2007 18:18

A charter school has been ordered to temporarily suspend Hebrew classes while officials try to determine whether teachers are advocating the Jewish faith.

Broward Schools Superintendent James Notter sent a letter to officials at the Ben Gamla Charter School in Hollywood on Wednesday advising them to halt Hebrew classes until the school board could further examine the curriculum.

"If it comes up in the course of conversation, that is one thing but if it comes to promoting religion or proselytizing, we don't want it to happen," said Keith Bromery, a spokesman for the Broward schools.

Ben Gamla is in its first week of operation as the country's first Hebrew-language charter school, but school founder Peter Deutsch, a former Democratic congressman, said he told teachers Thursday to halt the classes. He said he shared Notter's aim to ensure religion doesn't enter a publicly funded school.

"His goal and my goal are really exactly the same," Deutsch said.

The ban on Hebrew will extend at least until Sept. 11, when the board next meets. Until then, time that would have been spent on language instruction will be used teaching Israeli geography and Jewish history and culture.

Deutsch said he believes the school has every right to continue Hebrew classes, but decided to stop them to ease concerns. Both he and school board member Eleanor Sobel, in whose district Ben Gamla is located, have described their efforts as "bending over backwards" for one another.

Ben Gamla presented its curriculum to the board for a third time Tuesday, but Sobel said it still had religious overtones.

"We're going into the fourth round now and maybe that's what it takes to get it right," she said.

Ben Gamla, which has about 400 students in kindergarten through eighth grades, has generated controversy since it was proposed. Students follow state curriculum, but also were to take a Hebrew language course, and one of their core subjects - math or physical education, for example - was to be taught bilingually as well.

School officials ran into tough opposition at Broward County School Board meetings when proposing Hebrew textbooks that included passages criticized as being too religious. Even the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Federation of Broward County have expressed church-state separation issues.

Ben Gamla hopes to expand further in South Florida and to open schools in New York and Los Angeles. It takes its name from a Jewish high priest, serves kosher food, and its director is a rabbi. Without Hebrew classes, though, Deutsch said its most central component is missing.

"It is kind of crazy - the only Hebrew-English charter school in America doesn't teach Hebrew," he said.

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  1. I'm reminded of high school just when we were going to have a Christmas concert. The assistant choir director was going on and on about how we were goiung to sing about 'the glory of our savior's birth' and 'show the world how much we all love Jesus'. I then raised my hand.

    Me: Um, teacher? I can't do this.
    Her: Well, why not? Don't you LOVE Jesus?
    Me: No, I don't. My family doesn't believe he's the Messiah.
    Her: Oh, are you pagan? We had a meeting about your kind! I will not have you satanists in my concert!
    Me: No, I'm Jewish!
    Her: You're WHAT!?
    Me: You know, we sopposedly killed your god.
    Her: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm so sorry to hear that...

    Now, that's been a pet peeve of mine. Why is it that some who are dedicated to their faith feel the need to 'apologize' to Jews... For the fact we're Jewish!? Oy.... I dunno. But yeah, she decided to include the only Chanukah song she knew. "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of clay..."


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