Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sheikh Salah accuses Israel of wanting to build Jewish temple near al-Aqsa


Uh, sorry to break this to you, Sheiky Baby, but your Al Aqsa is BUILT UPON THE JEWISH TEMPLE.

Hello? We were there first. You were still praying to stars and bushes and the like when we built it. Remember? Islam didn't exist until LONG AFTER Judaism and Xtianity were well established.

However, in the interest of keeping us from further offending you, why don’t you move your damned Mosque? We’ll help you pack!

Published: 08.30.07, 14:09 / Israel News

The head of the Islamic Movement northern branch Sheikh Raed Salah accused Israel of conspiring to encroach on parts of the Temple Mount to build a Jewish temple near the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Salah called on the Arab and Mulism world to prevent Israel from building "its imaginary temple." (Ali Waked)

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