Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good News for Internet Callers and Email Users


Hello! You know what? If the phone companies didn't single out Israel for high bills to/from the US, perhaps they wouldn't face so many smart Jews who know ways to get around those bills!

Thank G-d for our entrepreneurs!!


( Two internet technology developers have launched a new project that links email with phone service, enabling both to create an internet service that interfaces web phone capability with email addresses.

Yoomba CEO Elad Hemar and co-founder Ronen Babyoff founded their company in 2006 with funds they earned from a previous business effort. The Yoomba project is the next step in internet communications, maintained Hemar in an interview with the Israel21c website.

“With email and the mobile phone communication is direct,” explained Hemar. “If you Yoomba enable your email, it becomes like a phone number. You don’t have to register a new identity or learn new applications….You just click a button and make the call to anyone, even if they don’t have Yoomba software. It’s as simple as sending an email.”

Hemar said the service is free, requires only an email address and a telephone headset and can be used both for local and international calls regardless of which VOIP or Instant Messenger service the caller uses.

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