Sunday, August 19, 2007

Germans protest sale of food from West Bank settlements


I guess this is the same Jewish “occupation” that threatened their Nazi homeland, right? Europeans never change—they just come up with better excuses for their bigotry.

Last update - 08:33 19/08/2007
By Assaf Uni, Haarerz Correspondent

BERLIN - The opening of "Israel Week" at the Galeria Kaufhof department store in Berlin spurred a demonstration Saturday against Israeli food products originating in the territories.

Protesters held signs reading "No to settlement products" and "Stop the Israel-EU Association Agreement."

Groups protesting included The Jewish Voice, a Jewish-German organization opposed to the occupation, and Solidarity with Palestine, German teenagers affiliated with the radical left.

A counter-group of pro-Israel radical leftists waved Israeli flags and ate Israeli food.

"We have to encourage the Germans to be more critical of the Israeli occupation," said Ruth Fructman, a Berlin journalist who was demonstrating.

"Right now it's still hard for them, especially because every time they criticize Israel, they're accused of anti-Semitism," she said.

Martin Vorberg, of the Middle Eastern Workgroup, said the demonstration was aimed at Osem Industries, which he said has a factory in the territories, and spices from Amnon and Tamar, a company located in Alfei Menashe.

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