Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Arabs, Collaborators Uproot 5,000 Vines in Samaria


This is disgusting. There is no support for these farmers, the arabs and left run around causing destruction, and they are not required to face justice at all.


( Arabs and their Jewish collaborators uprooted 5,000 young vines in the community of Neria, in the Dolev-Talmonim area of western Samaria Wednesday. Shlomi Cohen, the uprooted vineyard's owner, told Arutz Sheva that around noon, about 100 people accompanied by TV news crews arrived at the vineyard and began uprooting the vines, which were only planted recently.

"They came to the vineyard, uprooted 5,000 vines, burned pipes, drip pipes and saplings, and 15 minutes later everything was black," said Cohen. He added that although he had received a tip about the planned attack and informed the IDF, the army did not make it on time to prevent the vandalism.

When the military did show up, Cohen said, it drove away the vandals but did not arrest them. "I have had a vineyard for 12 years in Dolev," Cohen added. "I never reached confrontations, never harmed anyone." His land, he says, has all the required approvals from the Defense Ministry's Settlement Section.

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