Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seruv Against Sam Rosenbloom


Watch who you order your Sukkah from!

The owner of the websites described below, and, is in violation of Jewish law, in that he has not given his wife a get, a Jewish divorce decree. He has failed to comply with an order issued by the Baltimore Bet Din (Jewish court). Until he gives his wife a get, she is not permitted to remarry under Jewish law.

Sam Rosenbloom has a seruv issued against him by the Baltimore Bet Din. A copy of the seruv can be viewed at .

Mr. Rosenbloom owns and operates an on-line sukkah business at . We strongly recommend that no Jewish person buy from his website, that no synagogue grant him an aliyah or other religious honor or benefit, and that no Jewish family invite Mr. Rosenbloom into their home or otherwise provide him with Yom Tov or Shabbat hospitality.

If you have a question regarding this announcement, please contact your local Orthodox rabbi for the appropriate guidance. If you do not have an Orthodox rabbi available, you may email for the name of an Orthodox rabbi in your area.

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