Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mizrachi Music Pioneer Jo Amar Passes Away


Forget Michael Jackson, the world lost a REAL talent on Friday.

As Amar sang, in "Barcelona":

To you I brought the best of my song
accept this present
and remember the echo of my voice
like a souvernir of love

Here is Jo Amar singing one of his most famous pieces while in his prime.

May his family be comforted by Hashm.

Mizrachi Music Pioneer Jo Amar Passes Away
Reported: 23:59 PM - Jun/27/09


World renowned Moroccan singer Jo Amar passed away in New York on Friday at age 79. Amar was an Israeli icon for the first decades of the state's existence, a favorite of the newly arrived Sephardic immigrants in the country.

Amar, who immigrated to Israel in 1956, pioneered the fusion sound of Israeli eastern "mizrachi" music, merging classical Jewish Sephardic and Arabic tunes with Western musical sensibilities . . . [MORE]

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