Thursday, October 2, 2008

If You Want to Protest Daniella's Arrest, Do What Daniella Would Do: BUILD BUILD BUILD IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL!!


One place that I hold dear in my heart is Kedumim. It is the place I spent the most time when I was in Israel, and it is the place where I hope to return someday.

Daniella Weiss welcomed me with open arms and a pure heart. She is truly a woman of Valor who tries to fight against the oppression of the current government in the best way she knows how--by building in the land of Israel.

I remember her sharing her passion with me, telling me that nothing will stop the terrorists but the strong resolve of Jews to build in their own land. "For every life they threaten, we will build a city," she said to me. "In this way, they will learn that violence gets them the opposite of what they want."

I doubt very highly that this principled, strong, intelligent leader "attacked" a policemen. She is not someone bent on destruction. She is bent on CREATION. She doesn't tear down, she BUILDS UP.

I would expect her to fight to protect someone else; I would expect her to resist if a policeman, especially a male policeman, tried to touch her, as she is a very religious woman; I would expect her to speak forcefully and respectfully. However, I doubt greatly she "attacked" anyone. I will hope the truth will come out, but I doubt the truth will be part of any trial in Israel.

What we need in Yesha is a large number of video cameras to record the scenes where the police allege they are "attacked" by religious Jews. I think we would see something very different from what they allege. If everyone has the ability to record these circumstances, then there would be too many records for the police to seize and destroy, which is what they do regularly.

I am hoping to see the new settlement of "Daniella" rise from the land of Israel next, and in honor of the new year, I would love to see some beautiful fig, olive, and pomegranate trees planted in her honor. This is the way to protest Daniella's harsh treatment. BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD BUILD. DON'T STOP FOR ONE MINUTE.

Dozens at Police Station Protest Destruction, Arrests
by Hillel Fendel

( Veteran Land of Israel activist Daniella Weiss was arrested on Thursday for "attacking a policeman," and others were arrested as well, during the demolition of a settlement outpost and a subsequent protest.

Weiss, one of the founders of the original Gush Emunim settlement movement and a former Mayor of the Shomron town of Kedumim - was arrested late Thursday morning. Police, in the midst of destroying structures in the budding neighborhood Shvut Ami, claimed Weiss was "attacking a policeman." In addition, another activist, Shosh Shilo, was also arrested.

The police have said that the two will remain in jail at least until tomorrow, Friday, when they will be brought before a judge for the police to request an extension of custody.

Several dozen youths gathered outside the police station in Kedumim to protest the arrests - and some of them were arrested there as well.

The Land of Israel Loyalists Movement released this statement: "The more they try to harass our members, the more our determination will increase to establish new settlement points in Judea and Samaria and to fight for the Land of Israel."

Shvut Ami, founded a year ago, is actually two settlement points, across the road from each other between Karnei Shomron and Kedumim. Between the two of them, police and army forces have destroyed structures there and/or evicted the pioneer settlers nearly 20 times over the past year. Following each incident, the idealists have returned to rebuild.

A Land of Israel activist told, "In addition to the arrests, the police also confiscated a car of one of our members in Kedumim. One policeman said it was an Arab car, another one said it was used to build an outpost - in short, they stole the car, and it's all part of their campaign to harass and persecute those who are busy building the Land of Israel. We will find the way to respond to this."

The security forces that destroyed Shvut Ami today also confiscated equipment and Torah books from the scene.

Residents say the demolition of Shvut Ami North took place only scant hours before a court hearing was to take place regarding the legality of the demolition. Structures in Shvut Ami South have already been declared "off limits" to the army/police demolition crews.

It was later reported that an olive orchard belonging to a nearby Arab was set afire. The police have begun an investigation.

Shvut Ami was first established a year ago, on Sukkot, together with four other outposts in various places around Judea and Samaria. The goal, as stated by a rabbis' proclamation at the time, was:

"to go from strength to strength regarding the commandment of settling the Land of Israel... We must go from one strength, namely, the communities and towns that have already been built in the Land, to the next strength - i.e., the hilltops whose construction and development are being held up for various strange reasons. These reasons stem primarily from the weakness of our [government] leadership, and also from a failure to see the reality religiously, politically and demographically... Our response is: 'Some by Supreme Court petitions, and some by terrorist attacks, but we - in the Name of the L-rd our G-d will call!" [based on Psalms 20,8] - the G-d Who has commanded us to come and inherit the land that He promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants after them."

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  1. Daniella is the Pioneer she live all her life building Samaria our land the gift of Hashem I live in Kedumim I saw what Hashem give her Intelligence to lead, Wisdom , Valor, courage and the love for Israel she will never attack any one an any circumstances but she will defend her people with all her strength she has love and Kindness she is a Holly woman may Hashem Bless her always.


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