Sunday, October 26, 2008

Noam Federman's Home Destroyed by Government Goons


This completely illegal activity will have far-reaching effects upon the political situation in Israel, mark my words. The corrupt government of Olmert/Livni thinks they can get away with destroying Noam Federman’s home because he is not a popular figure, but popular or not, Federman has been shown again and again and again to be right, to be legal, and to be horribly and illegally harassed by the government goons.

Time and again they have arrested him, detained him, fined him, and done whatever they could to destroy him, and time and again he has been freed, compensated and apologized to. He is the perfect example of the lack of justice in Israel, he is the perfect example of a political scapegoat, and he is the perfect example of someone that the people can start to get behind as they move this government back to the right.

Now the government has gone after the man’s home and family. Now, we will see the legal sparks fly—but we will probably see more. I don’t think the people of Hevron will put up these goons showing up at their homes in the middle of the night and carting of their children as they threaten the people with bulldozers. If this can happen to Federman, it can happen to anyone, they will realize. This is something which must be stopped now.

And the first time the Jewish residents are attacked by the terrorist squad calling themselves “PA policemen,” in the name of “peace,” I fear the worst.

I am sure Olmert is already packing his bags for France, where he feels he will be safe from Israeli justice, such that it is. I think he is deluding himself. He can cower in France with his children and his wife, but there is a Justice beyond that of the government, Mr. Olmert, just ask Sharon.

PA Deploys, Israeli Govt Force Destroys Jewish Home in Hevron
by Hana Levi Julian

( IDF captains who supervised the midnight destruction of the Federman family home near the Judean twin cities of Kiryat Arba and Hevron Saturday night will face lawsuits, vowed Orit Struck of the Judea & Samaria Human Rights activist organization.

Struck said Sunday morning that the soldiers and Border Police officers who destroyed the home came in the middle of the night, without orders.

Hundreds of police officers burst into a farm owned by nationalist activist Noam Federman in the middle of the night, hours after the end of the Sabbath, prepared to destroy the home.

The officials, who came equipped with tractors and other equipment, claimed the farm, which is located near the Judean twin cities of Kiryat Arba-Hevron, was built illegally.

The tractors demolished the family's home, while officers arrested Federman, his wife and his children and took them away from the scene. Noam Federman remained in custody following the completion of the destruction of his home.

Destruction Linked to Deployment of PA Special Forces
Struck linked the destruction of the Federman farm to the deployment in Hevron of hundreds of armed Palestinian Authority special forces in the day.

"The cat's out of the bag," she warned. "The deployment of PA troops in Hevron was meant to free up IDF manpower from missions involving fighting terrorism, providing security and saving lives, to missions of expelling Jews from their homes and destroying lives."

"It is terrifying what a corrupt government is capable of doing even in its death throes," Struck said.

Residents of Kiryat Arba and Hevron harshly criticized police for carrying out the destruction "like thieves in the night."

Violent Demonstrators Retaliate Against Destruction
Eyewitnesses said Jewish youths from around the region attacked police and local Arabs after the home was demolished in what they termed was an attempt to exact a price for the destruction of the Federman farm. The youths hurled rocks at the soldiers and Border Police officers who destroyed the home.

None of the government troops were injured by the stones. Five protestors were wounded by officers, however, and two required medical attention.

Several Arab cars were damaged, most with punctured tires. Youths also threw stones at Arab-owned homes. No damage to the houses was reported.

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