Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Jews today are searching more for existence than coexistence"


This young man understands. It is not about "co-existance" it is about "existence." The way things are going in Israel, we are beginning to wonder if the country will be ours tomorrow. The government is offering no real leadership, they are knuckling under to the demands of every arab who comes knocking, terrorists are released without any regard to the rule of law, and innocent Jews are locked up because they are ACCUSED of crimes--not because they have been convicted.

Those who left their homes in Gaza still have no homes, jobs, or future. Gaza is a huge hive of terrorist activity, and Olmert has failed in every way possible. Livni is weak, or weak-minded, or both.

I fear the future will not be a peaceful future--and this is because there is no even-handedness, no justice, and no law--so there is no trust. There must be trust for a government to function.

People are simply sick of following the law and being screwed for doing so. They want to know that, when they follow the law, they are rewarded in some way. So far, Israel only rewards those who act with hatred toward the state, who attack innocent victims, who incite violence, who swindle money from the government, who steal land, and who commit acts of terror.

When this happens over and over and over again, those who follow the law begin to ask "why?" If enough ask "why," then we are in serious trouble.


Jewish teenager hit by rock during Akko riots recounts the incident in talk with Ynet,7340,L-3608114,00.html
Hagai Einav
Published: 10.12.08, 20:32 / Israel News

Since the beginning of the Akko Riots, 14 people have been admitted to the hospital in Nahariya, all of them Jewish.

The most seriously wounded victim is 18-year-old Barak Avadi, an Akko resident and yeshiva student. Avadi was hit in the eye with a stone, and it's still too early to tell how much damage was done to his eyesight

"I've been living in Akko since I was a child and violent incidents are nothing new. On Saturday, around 9:30 pm, my friends and I were getting ready for prayer in the backyard of a private residence. The surrounding rooftops had about 30 to 40 Arabs standing on them. They were shouting insults in our direction. There were a few police officers in the street at that time, and they noticed this, by they were called to assist on the next street. That signaled the Arabs to start throwing rocks at us."

"One of our guys suddenly shouted and we all scattered across the yard, trying to dodge the rocks. Next thing I know, I got hit in the eye, and a friend of mine carried me to a house next door. The woman there took care of me until the ambulance arrived. All that time the Arabs were shouting obscenities in Arabic."

'We need to keep Akko Jewish'
With the event behind him, Barack Avadi has one clear message: "We have one objective, which I don't hide. We need to keep Akko Jewish. I don't want to kick anyone out, but if you are going to live next to us you need to understand who the majority is and learn to live with it."

Avadi added: "Sadly the riots were bound to happen. Since I was a kid, my father predicted that this would happen. Every time it does, the Arabs are treated leniently. Two year ago, during Simchat Torah, Arabs disrupted the celebrations...this time I'm glad that the Jews didn't back down."

"I would like to stress a point here," said Avadi, "I am against violence, and I am calling on all Jews not carry out violent acts against Arabs or the police, just maintain a massive presence in the streets and roads, stand there peacefully to show that we are Jews and that we will determine Akko's future. Akko is in a state of emergency, and I'm happy that the festival was cancelled. I guarantee that it will come back next year, and the years after that."

Avadi added, "Jews today are searching more for existence than coexistence, and let no one else tell you any differently, only those who are here can understand this thing."

Meanwhile, th Nahariya hospital has said that it's too early to know the extent of the damage to Barak's Eye. Doctor Rali Ovadiya said that "the young man arrived with a laceration on his eyelid, which required four stitches. His cornea and retina have been bruised and there are some bruises in the jaw area."

"It is too early to tell the amount of damage done to the eye; currently he is being treated in an attempt to prevent his eyesight from being damaged. We hope to discharge him in time for Succoth, and keep treating him over the next few days, in order to ensure his eyesight remains intact."

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