Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Velvet Underground's Lou Reed to Perform in Israel


Lou Reed has the power of performance. This is an excellent opportunity to see the best of the best, to understand the power of this man in the music scene, to understand the roots of Punk in the Jewish experience, and to connect with the primal punk sound of VU as well as the later hits of Reed's career.

Punk is the most Jewish of all the American rock sounds. It was a direct growth of the post-modern understanding of Jews in America after the horrors of the holocaust, the pain of McCarthy, and the resurgence of identity movements in the 60s-70s.

Here's a link to a Youtube of Reed in performance of "I'm Waiting For My Man" with the VU:

Jewish Grand Dad of Punk to Perform in Israel

( Iconoclastic rock artist Lou Reed is scheduled to give a concert in Israel in November. Reed's band, relatively early in his career, The Velvet Underground (V.U.) is considered by aficionados to be one of the most important bands to influence several of the alternative directions rock took in and after the 60s. V.U. has been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Although the band did not sell many albums, the Rock Hall of Fame website quotes another music mogul on the V.U. "Brian Eno, cofounder of Roxy Music and producer of U2 and others, put it best when he said that although the Velvet Underground didn’t sell many albums, everyone who bought one went on to form a band."

In "The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGBs: A Secret History of Jewish Punk," author Steven Lee Beeber describe Reed coming to his Passover Seder and all the Jewish music personalities relating to him as the Zeide (Grandfather). CBGBs is the name of a music club that was highly regarded in music circles for decades.

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