Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Barak To Give Hevron Over to Armed Fatah Terrorists During Sukkot!


According to Mattot Arim, Barak wants to give over Hevron to Fatah terrorists in order to strengthen it against Hamas.

It is apparent to me that Barak is concerning himself more with one terrorist organization over another than he is in protecting the lives of innocent Jews and protecting the religious and cultural heritage of the land of Israel.

For this, alone, he should be removed from office, charged with treason, and put on trial.

Please, follow the advice of this article and call Shas right now. Call everyone right now.


Report: IDF will Cede Hevron to Arabs During Sukkot
by Gil Ronen

(IsraelNN.com) Jewish activist group Mattot Arim sent out an urgent update Tuesday night, warning that the Israeli government intends to transfer responsibility for security in most of the biblical city of Hevron to the Palestinian Authority “very soon,” perhaps during the upcoming Sukkot holiday.

The group cites eyewitness reports that PA “policemen” toting Kalashnikov assault rifles have been seen in the past few days just a few hundred meters from the Jewish community of Hevron.

The group says that Defense Minister Ehud Barak wants to give over Hevron to the Fatah-controlled PA in order to strengthen it vis-à-vis Hamas, but stresses that PA “policemen” have been involved in numerous terror attacks against Jews themselves. Mattot Arim warns: “The Palestinian Authority, motivated as they are when it comes to attacking Israelis and Jews, have absolutely no ability to fight against Hamas (as we saw in Gaza). So, this is yet another ridiculous idea on the part of the government, but it needs to be taken seriously and stopped NOW.”

'Fool me twice'
The group notes that this is the third time that an Israeli government tries to put Hevron into the hands of the PA. The first time, the Arabs launched a campaign of gunfire against Jews in Hevron, which lasted 18 months. When a terrorist sharpshooter shot an infant girl, Shalhevet Pass, to death, the government finally realized that the IDF had to retake the city.

The second time the IDF gave Hevron to the Arabs, 12 Israeli soldiers and security men, including the renowned Col. Dror Weinberg, lost their lives in one day. By the time the government sent the army to retake Hevron, the intelligence infrastructure had been damaged by the IDF’s absence and a suicide bomber from Hevron made his way to Haifa, where he killed 17 people.

'Call Shas'
Mattot Arim notes that the government ministers from religious party Shas “can easily handle this problem by shouting loudly that they will go to early elections if the Government of Israel dares to put Jewish lives into the hands of a bunch of killers for a third time.”

It urges concerned citizens to call Shas leader Eli Yishai at home at 972-2-651-0259 and to leave a message, even in English. Another option is to use send a fax at 972-2-6513655.

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