Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stink over Smelly Kosher Fish


Kosher or not, the Herring that so many of our brethren love to chow down on stinks to high heaven (pun intended).

I doubt it had anything to do with how he was dressed and everything to do with how the fish smells. I would have complained too. It makes me sick. I can’t stand to be around it.

Perhaps his daughter wasn't crying--her eyes may have been watering from the stench.


( United Air Lines has apologized to an observant Jewish passenger who was threatened with being thrown off the plane if he did not throw away the kosher fish he had brought with him to eat. A flight attendant, responding to complaints of passengers about the smell from the fish, told Robert Blum, "If you don’t trash the food, I'll trash you. You'll get off the plane--you and your wife and your kids."

The pilot then joined in and made the same threat. "Are you going to give us any more trouble because I have to worry about 220 passengers smelling your stinking food," the pilot asked. Blum relented and threw away the food, leaving his nine-year-old daughter crying.

Blum claimed he was singled out because he was wearing a skullcap (kipa) and that the fringes of his undergarment were hanging out, as is traditional among orthodox Jews. The airline said the pilot and flight attendant did not act properly towards Blum.


  1. your baseless slander of another jew appeals to me

    where can I subscribe to your newsletter?

  2. B"H

    I didn't slander the Jew, I slandered the fish! I never said anything about him at all. However, the fish stinks.


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