Thursday, October 25, 2007

'Girls must not miss Torah studies during teachers' strike'


OK. I don’t know this rabbi, and I have never heard his name before this today, but I must tell you that I already like him.

He gets it. He knows.

It is not the men who are responsible for Jews remaining Jewish—it is the mothers. Imas need to know EVERYTHING about Judaism so that we can raise our children up right. But when we become Imas, we are too busy and too overwhelmed to spend the time we need to learn, so we need to learn this stuff young and learn it well.

Yes, Abbas have a lot to do with the religious education of their children, but that is more of a formal education, an education based around the synagogue and prayer.

Imas are responsible for the souls of our children. And, when there is no Abba in the picture due to widowhood, divorce, or separation due to military service or employment, it is Mom who does both types of education.

When a little one can say Sh’ma at three, thank Ima.
When a primary school child stands up for an elderly person, thank Ima.
When a teenager feels guilty for forgetting to wash before bread, thank Ima.

I’m so glad to see that there is a religious rabbi who is not afraid to say, out loud and without excuse, that it is imperative that our girls know Torah.

Thank you, Rabbi Yaakov Ariel! (and your Ima!)

Rabbi says Torah study 'is unique spiritual nourishment for the human soul,' and those who do not consume it daily will 'suffer irreversible psychological damage',7340,L-3463996,00.html
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 10.25.07, 12:51 / Israel Jewish Scene

"Each day that girls go idle and do not study the Torah causes them irreversible psychological damage. Appropriate facilities where they can study the Torah during the strike must be found," said Ramat Gan's Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, a veteran rabbi from the Religious Zionist community, when relating to girls missing their Torah studies during the ongoing teachers' strike.

According to Ariel, such studies serve as "unique nourishment for the human soul" despite girls being exempt from Torah studies as a mitzvah.

In an article set to be published in the religious woman's publication "Argaman" to be distributed throughout synagogues on Friday, the rabbi called on religious teachers to consult with rabbis before joining such a strike.

Moreover, he hinted at his objection to the teachers' strike, "which causes irreversible damage to others".

"Only Torah studies will enable young girls to fulfill their vocation as Jewish women who are faithful to their belief and heritage," the rabbi concluded.

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