Sunday, October 7, 2007

MK Elon proposes 'Israeli initiative'


I love the idea of annexing what we should have annexed 30+ years ago, but the only reason I can think of making the arabs into Jordanian citizens is to SEND THEM TO JORDAN (which is also something we should have done 30+ years ago).

Oct 7, 2007 14:11 | Updated Oct 7, 2007 14:42

NU-NRP Chairman Benny Elon presented on Sunday his solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a plan dubbed the "Israeli initiative."

His plan, he told reporters, is to "replace the status of Palestinian refugees - one that is coupled with connotations of poverty and hatred - with a reality of welfare, prosperity and hope." According to the initiative, the West Bank would remain under Israeli sovereignty, but Palestinians would become Jordanian citizens.

The Knesset member's plan is based on three main principles: The rehabilitation of refugees and the dismantling of the refugee camps, strategic cooperation with Jordan and Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank.

"This is an initiative based on different and modern thought and [it] allows us to arrive at a real peace," said Elon.

The MK added that Israel must strive to find a humanitarian solution to the Palestinian problem instead of a political one. "[Palestinians'] status, affinity to two states and the type of management in populated areas will be decided upon in an agreement between Israel and Jordan," Elon said.

Elon said in his proposal that the establishment of the state of Israel did not take the country away from the Palestinians as such a country never existed. In many cases, the state's creation took away their homes and pride, he said. Their pride and homes could be returned, Elon added.

Elon also proposed to dismantle the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organization, he claimed, "that immortalizes the refugee problem." Refugees would be offered permanent housing, citizenship and generous rehabilitation grants.

The cost of implementing his program was one million dollars - funds that according to the MK, would be received through donations. Elon added that his initiative was backed by high-ranking US political figures.

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