Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pat Robertson says dividing Jerusalem risks God's wrath


Hashm's swift justice to Sharon for the Gush Katif expulsion
hasn't been warning enough for Olmert.

The scandals that have plagued his government
haven't been warning enough for Olmert.

The earthquake on Sunday
hasn't beenwarning enough for Olmert.

The warnings of rabbis and lay people about dire consequences for this action
haven't been warning enough for Olmert.

perhaps a Xtian warning
will be enough for Olmert

(After all, Robertson has access to evangelical money, and it seems that money is the only thing that speaks to Olmert and his cronies.)


Published: 10.16.07, 00:40 / Israel News

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said Monday that the United States will risk God's wrath if it forces Israel to surrender part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

''He that touches Jerusalem touches the apple of God's eye,'' Robertson said on ''The 700 Club,'' the daily religious news-and-talk television program he hosts from his Christian Broadcasting Network. ''And if we decide we're going to wrest East Jerusalem away from the Jews and give it over to the Palestinians, we're risking the wrath of God on this nation, and I think it's very dangerous,'' Robertson said. (AP)

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