Friday, October 19, 2007

President Peres calls for more inclusive definition of Judaism


Q: What's the difference between Peres and Hashm?

A: Hashm doesn't think he is Peres.

Peres's ego knows no bounds! First he thinks he is PM and can decide foreign policy, now he thinks he is Hashm and can rewrite the Torah.

Along with Rice, who seems to think she is the Messiah; Olmert, who thinks he is King Solomon; and Amar, who thinks he is Pope--we have quote a collection of certifiable egomaniacs in charge of our future.

By Daphna Berman , Haaretz Correspondnet

President Shimon Peres called Thursday for a more inclusive definition of Judaism and said the Jewish people have the right to decide who is a rabbi. He made the comments in his first official meeting with representatives of the Reform movement since he assumed the post in July. The meeting yesterday with leaders of Britain's Reform movement came in the wake of last year's crisis after then president Moshe Katsav refused to use the title "rabbi" in addressing Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, which represents some 1.5 million Reform Jews in North America.

During the half-hour meeting at the President's Residence, Peres addressed delegation leader Rabbi Dr. Tony Bayfield as "rabbi," according to participants. Bayfield heads the Movement for Reform Judaism in the United Kingdom.

If rabbis have a right to decide who is a Jew, the Jewish people have a right to decide who is a rabbi," Peres reportedly told the group. The president also said that he was "troubled" by attempts to narrowly define Jewishess. "We are a disappearing people," he said. "We are not the Chinese. There are only 14-15 million of us. We need to be more careful, generous and understanding."

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