Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jews To Perform Wagner At Arena Used by Nazis


No, Daniel Barenboim, Hitler and Wagner would not, as you say, “turn in their graves” to see you do this-- they would applaud.

They would congratulate themselves that they were successful because, although they could not kill your body, they have succeeded in killing your soul.

I can’t be disgusted by this story or surprised. I see way too many Jews who have let Hitler win by abandoning the ways of their people, by siding with our enemies, by working to undermine Israel, and by thinking they are in some way too smart or too modern or too “enlightened” to follow the laws of Hashm.

It is not by the hands of our enemies that we suffer, but at the hands of those who should be our brothers and sisters.

We expect the enemy to try to destroy us, and we will fight them in every possible way. However, when it is our brother that is trying to destroy us, we fight with a heavy heart and we are weakened by the effort. This is why our enemy wants to turn our own people upon us. They know that only Jews can succeed in defeating Jews. It is too bad that our enemies know the Torah better than many of us do.


( An orchestra led by Jewish pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim will perform compositions by Wagner next at Berlin's Waldbuhne area where German athletes saluted Hitler in the 1936 Olympics. "Hitler and Wagner would turned [over] in their graves," said Barenboim.

His orchestra includes Israeli Jewish and Arab musicians, and he caused a storm of protest in 2001 when he performed Wagner's music, which previously had been boycotted by Israeli musicians.

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