Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"I did what is expected of every soldier or officer," he said.


Another soldier of the IDF is a hero today for killing the terrorist, and I started to think to myself--why is it that the soldiers know so well how to react in these situations?

Of course, it is because WE ARE IN A WAR, and soldiers have been trained for that.

Get ready for more of the same now that every arab with access to a car, truck, heavy equipment can be a "martyr" for the cause of . . . what is that cause, again?

They don't need a cause. They just want to kill us.

Can you imagine them sharing Jerusalem with us? Can you imagine the level of terrorist activity that will permeate ever square inch of our Holy City when some terrorist organization like Hamas is set loose as a quasi-government in Jerusalem, providing just enough thug-power to keep the flow of money going to attack us, and allowing the rest of their people to fester in poverty and crime.

Look at Gaza people. Doesn't this tell us what will happen in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria if the traitorous government succeeds in its plans to destroy us from the inside?

No Jew will be safe in our own land. That's what they want. They want us to be vulnerable. They want us to be afraid to pray, to live, to succeed.

Don't look for a reason. There is no reason. They are Amelek.

Officer who killed Jerusalem terrorist: I did what was expected of me

Lieutenant who shot dead east Jerusalem resident who plowed into crowd with BMW recounts incident. 'I was afraid terrorist would put vehicle in reverse and run over more soldiers and civilians, so I aimed for his head and shot him 11 times through the windshield,' he says

Efrat Weiss
Published: 09.23.08, 09:14 / Israel News

"I realized that it was a terror attack, so I cocked my weapon and shot the perpetrator," recounted Lieutenant Elad, 23, the officer who killed the east Jerusalem resident who plowed a BMW into a crowd of pedestrians at a busy intersection in central Jerusalem near the Old City on Monday evening.

At least 17 people were reportedly wounded in the attack, most of them soldiers belonging to the Artillery Corps.

"I did what is expected of every soldier or officer," he said.

A few hours after the incident Lieutenant Elad, who serves as deputy company commander in the Artillery Corps, said "We left for a 'Selichot Tour' in Jerusalem (Selichot are Jewish penitential prayers said during the High Holidays) on two armed buses carrying some 80 soldiers. We walked from Jaffa Street toward the Old City walls.

"I was walking with a group of soldiers. We arrived at Tzahal Square, where a large group of soldiers was situated on a small traffic island. Then I saw a BMW speeding toward the soldiers, and then soldiers flying over the car, which eventually hit the wall of a building; I understood it was a terror attack and immediately cocked my rifle."

The officer said that he feared the terrorist would recuperate and resume the attack. "I noticed that the terrorist was beginning to recover and I was afraid he would put the vehicle in reverse and run over more soldiers and civilians, so I aimed for his head and shot him 11 times through the windshield," he said.

According to Lieutenant Elad, at this point a civilian and police officer approached the vehicle and fired one or two bullets each at the terrorist.

"I continued to point my rifle at the terrorist and ordered the soldiers to seal off the area for fear the car was booby-trapped," recalled the officer, a married father of two from Givat Shmuel.

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